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Safe Income Inc Performance Update

Safe Income Inc Performance Update


Safe Income Inc App released last April has been controversial. Performance on auto trader is less than stellar however Safe Income Inc has outperformed most Bots as a signal software. Read our review update on the performance of the Bot.

In our update review on the Safe Income Inc’s automated software for binary options trading, we analyse the strength and weakness of this software which has created some controversy both in the list of complaints against it as well as the glowing reviews on other ends.


Is Safe Income Inc Scam? Can you make money with Safe Income Software System?

It would appear that recently the performance of Safe Income Inc as an auto trader has not been optimal. We have received complaints from subscribers noting that the automated trading mode has only been taking five trades per day. Others have registered trading sessions with a performance of just one trade per day. In this respect, we are sure that the developers of the Safe Income Inc App need to address this issue and tweak up the robot. However, it is also noted that the success rate of the trades remains around 75%. Having quality trading is definitely better than having quantitative trading with low performance.

Having established that as a push button App, Safe Income Inc may not be delivering the expected level of performance, the same cannot be said for using the Bot as a signal software system.

With a constant flow of strong signals which are up to 5 at any given time, the Safe Income Inc has been delivering excellent trading results for copy traders. The results of using the signals to trade manually have been consistently giving results which approach the 80% in the money performance. Again the only complaints we have received in this respect, is that the software gives a variety of signals including that of Indices and Assets which sometimes are not traded on the platforms of some of the brokers.

In respect of brokers, we understand that some traders would prefer to change the broker that they are assigned to by automatic rotation. We can give you personalised advice on how to tackle that issue. Should you require assistance please drop us an email on support(at)

Marili’s Stellar Performance in a Live Trading Session using Safe Income App as a Signal Software

In the video we witness a live trading session based to taking manual trading on Porter Finance platform from the signals of the Safe Income Inc. In her account Marili has taken her balance from $250 to $2518.25 by trading with the software between the dates 21st March and 21st April. Safe Income Inc App has never claimed to make you a millionaire in a month, but it is a solid software system whereby one can safely augment his monthly income with an additional source of income by trading online.

In her trading session Marili takes trades with a ten minute expiry session. This has been proven to be the best time frame within which to take trades. In a session of 6 live trades she managed a performance of 5 wins and 1 loss. This is an 83.3% fantastic performance with the software.

Strategic Planning and using the Safe Income App

We would like to remind our subscribers and anyone interested in using the Safe Income Inc as a trading tool to enhance binary options trading results, that the App is designed with 5% win win partners plan. The software is free to use for the first 30 days. After the first month however, if you wish to keep the software you will be charged a 5% pay back to the developers for using the software. We feel that this remains a very fair percentage to pay for being allowed to use the software.

The software remains one of the more sophisticated signal software systems. The platform is easy to navigate but allows for modifications in signal strength and risk appetite.

You may check out our previous post whereby we have detailed the different settings which a trader can use in order to get the optimal use of the Safe Income Inc software.

How to Join the Safe Income

  • Clear your browser from Cookies
  • Enter your email address on the subscription form HERE
  • Remember to record your email address and password as this will be your login details to the site
  • Visit the second page for registration and give your full details including correct name and residential address – which will later have to be verified with the broker
  • At this point you are taken to the brokers page. We recommend that you do your due diligence about the broker assigned to you. If you are satisfied with the broker, then you will need to fund your account with the minimum deposit of $250
  • You are set to start trading.

Conclusion: The Safe Income Inc App is your ideal signal software robot.

Safe Income App is a very sophisticated and advanced trading robot for the binary options industry. It has a five star rating in most trusted site. Reviewers have been updating their site regularly with performance results. Safe Income Inc App is endorsed by Binary Options Sheriff.

Note of caution: Auto traders and signal software systems are tools to be used in your trading tool kit. Used properly they produce positive results if they are legitimate Bots, and linked with LEGITIMATE BROKERS however, all trading exposes you to risk of loosing your capital.

If new to trading we also recommend social trading. Copy trading is the best way to trade if you are a Newbie. Follow the signals of live traders on the Social Group on Facebook and enjoy safe trading by opening a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT. Contact us on the subscription form for more information if you are interested in learning how to trade with the best.



  1. What I can’t understand that is When I had the Safe The Safe Income I was unable to Open any auto Trades but all or Most of then On Manual. Before That 1 had 2 lots of Copy Buffet and Guess what Both of then Lost Most of my Money Both on UKoptions, I still don’t Know if it was the Brokers Fault or Mine. But whichever there is still 2 Pounds in one of the accounts and 4 Pounds in my second account.
    So now I am not sure if I should try again. Can you be of some assistance to me Please.
    As I really don’t want to Loose another 250. and that is for sure
    Thanking You


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