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Shepard SDP is Scam or Legit?

Shepard SDP is Scam or Legit?


Shepard SDP Software review will expose Perry Shepard’s scamming world. Your capital will be lost. Your money will be stolen. Perry Shepard is just a cheap actor and SDP is an outright scam.

The Shepard SDP Scam Review

If you landed on this page in the hope of making big profits with the SDP App or with the Shepard software, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Shepard SDP binary trading software is going viral. Despite many warnings from all relevant sites including Binary Options Governor and Binary Options WatchDog, subscribers are still signing up and losing money. The Shepard SDP App is a fraudulent software. Perry Shepard promises 100% win rate and a software that will never experience a loss.

This cannot be further than the truth. Please do trust me on this. In all my years of trading, I have never come across a trading system, which is infallible! There is no software system, which can give you a 100% win rate. Therefore, the promise that you will turn into a millionaire in a few months, is totally unfounded. The dream of becoming a Millionaire, will fade faster than your savings.

HAVE YOU are already subscribed to the Shepard SDP binary? I recommend that you stop your trading. Try to pull whatever balance you can salvage. There is no point in chasing good money after bad. In this unbiased review I will be giving you enough evidence to convince you that the developers are a bunch of scammers. If you are considering putting your hard earned cash in the Shepard SDP scam software, I advise you to put your credit card back to safety.

Website Under Investigation for Scam :

ARE YOU searching for results from the Shepard SDP software? THEN, you really need to read this full scam review.Today, I have become an expert is distinguishing between valid and legitimate software systems for binary options, which will deliver results, and scam.

Here is a quick check list which you can tick against, in case you are a new binary options trader, and therefore the target for scam.

Does the Video presentation boast, fancy cars, mansions, helicopters or planes and yachts? ✔
Does the App promise to deliver impossible gains? ✔
Does the Software claim 100% trading success? ✔
Are you promised to become a millionaire by using this trading system? ✔
Are there false counters and pressure tactics to hasten you to sign up? ✔
Are you blocked from leaving the landing page when you try to close it? ✔
Does the site have endorsements by big names which are non-clickable? ✔
Does the site claim success by giving testimony by actors or stolen stock photos? ✔Fancy jets, mansions and cars. Scam Shepard SDP APP

If your answer is yes to most of these questions, you will understand that the barometer for scam is exceptionally high. Your chance of losing your savings is high. In the case of Shepard SDP Scam software, you are very high up to the limit.

Shepard SDP Complaints – Scam Review

The fake “CEO” Perry informs you on how he has teamed up with a bunch of very elite coders some 24 months ago. Together they cooked up a Systemised Digital Profits algorithm which enabled Perry Shepard to from his Shepard SDP company.

Shepard claims that he has never lost a single trade in the entire time that he has used his software. The SDP App has a 100% win rate.

Therefore, by using this software, you are guaranteed that you will not only make thousands of dollars on a daily basis, but that you will of course become a millionaire in just a few months.

Does this sound real? If you start having doubts, and refer back to the check list above, you will start understanding why I feel confident that you cannot make real money with the Shepard SDP App.

Furthermore, if you check on the registration date for the site you will find from Who.Is 
that this was registered on last June 2016. Therefore the legitimacy of the software is defeated by this exposed lie. Fancy jets, mansions and cars. Scam Shepard SDP APP

‘Perry Shepard” pulls no plugs! There is no stopping this shameful SCAM!!

Fancy jets, mansions and cars. Scam Shepard SDP APP

Shepard SDP Promises to Double Up Your Initial Deposit – Dirty Trick – Scam Review

By promising to double up your deposit, Shepard is really dealing you a blow below the belt. This is a cheap and nasty trick played by scam brokers, in order to trick you into depositing, and immediately locking up your trading account. You need to be informed, that by doubling up your deposit, the broker, will essentially be giving you a bonus. The implications of taking a bonus are simple. You will not be able to withdraw your capital, or your potential profits, before you have traded at least 20 times the value of your capital and bonus. This is a real scam warning.

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Fake Reviews and False Endorsements

The accreditations and security endorsements at the bottom of the advertising page of the Shepard SDP review, are all false and non-clickable. They are just pasted at the bottom of the review, just to make it look legitimate. Try clicking on any of the icons of McAfee, VeriSign, GeoTrust, SSL, and Symantec and you will find that they are all false. Moreover, the site itself is not safe. It does not have an HTTPS heading, and therefore can potentially contain mal

The final blow is delivered with fake testimonials. The bold declarations on the video testimony, boasting that much profits were made using the Shepard SDP system, are fake. They are actors hired from the site Fiverr, where you can buy a fake video testimony for next to nothing.

Conclusion on the Shepard SDP Scam Review

Before we conclude this review about the Shepard SDP App, I would like to point out that Perry Shepard does not exist. As such, you are invited to scan the Internet for a name that tallies with that of self professed millionaire Perry Shepard and you will not find any match!

Therefore, try to avoid falling for this scam, and watch out for similar scams such as the Dubai LifeStyle App, Gemini 2, and the Polygraph Millionaire scam systems.

There is nothing about the Shepard SDP software that indicates that you can make money with it, or that it is legitimate. It is full of twisted lies. It is a fancy dream catcher.Secret trader free ebook

The Shepard SDP System is a BIG SCAM!

As I said earlier, if you have visited this page in the hope to making money and profits trading binary options, I am very sorry to disappoint you. However, I do have a gift for you, and that is the gift of Education. Learning a little about binary trading, can take you a very long way into setting yourself into a path of financial freedom. I mentioned gift. Yes, all you have to do is click on the Free E-Book Banner, and you are set to start your education in learning binary options.
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