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Social Trader Binary Options App is scam

Social Trader Binary Options App is scam


Social Trader software under the spotlight of investigation

The Social Trader System has its site registered as
A quick look in Who.Is website shows us that this site was created on the 26th December 2015 and updated on 1st March 2016. Right in the launch date.

>>>Official video website<<<

Jonathan Cooper the alleged developer of the Socialtrader App describes how we have been selected from their data base, because our financial background indicated that we needed a life changing opportunity!! exactly what s load of hogwash is that? Anyone who logs into their sales video is apparently selected, and there is clearly no discrimination of race, ethnics, religion and much less financial background. Everyone is welcome to fall into the trap of scam orchestrated by the Social Trader software system for binary options.

Tough and rough lies lace the honey smooth voice of the actor narrator, who confidently promises users to make somewhere between $1650 and $3400 in profits daily on auto pilot. The web based software is hands free, does not require download, and it supposedly copies trades from no less than 8.5 million trading experts scattered all over the world.


Hard Facts exposing the Web of Deceit behind the Social Trader Binary Options App

Fact 1

Who is jonathan Cooper? Jonathan Cooper the alleged developer and guru behind Social Trader software claims to have made $7 million in 2015 using his innovative system. The system works by s creative and imaginative design of copying 8.5 million expert traders through social media. Where these figures have been pulled out from is a mystery, but very likely it might be from the bogus identity of Jonathan’s ears! Is anything verifiable in these statements with wild numbers? No, it is not.

If anyone knows anything about trading, they will also quickly deduce that different trades have different strategic patterns. Many traders would be betting against each other and taking trades in opposite directions. If this Social Trader auto trader robot were to be really following 8.5 million traders, it would be getting tangled in its own hardware, and sending opposing signals. The logic behind copying so many millions of traders just does not tally !

Fact 2

Jonathan Cooper Does Not Exist!! The photo used of the good looking chap smiling with his laptop open is a Viral photo found in many sites in the Internet. It is a photo of a young and successful man, repeatedly used by many companies as a promotional identity.

We have searched all over the Internet, social media and LinkenIn, for Jonathan Cooper and we have found no one remotely resembling either the photo or the credentials given in the sales video. We are safe to assume that this is a fake name and stolen photo identification used to hide behind, by the real developers.

Face of “fake” Jonathan Cooper – the CEO.
Fact 3

The so called beta testers used in this presentation video for the Social Trader App are common faces we have seen in other scams and have been purchased for $5 from the famous site The comments that many have made close to millions in the last couple of months trading, are defeated by the fact that this site did not exist up to just 10 weeks ago from the time we are writing this review.

Fact 4

The fake counter, warning you that there are only few places left for taking up this opportunity, is just another scam tactic meant to play psychological warfare. This is a cheap and common tactic used by scammers to hasten day traders to sign up. If you refresh your browser or log into the site from a different browser on a different day, you will find that the opt-ins are still there and ready to trap innocent traders into the scam set up.


Fact 5

When you land on the second page of the Social Trader scam software, we are met by the voice of a “live trader” by the name of David. David gushes over the fact that his software has taken 83 trades and only two were out of the money. Hence the percentage of 90% accuracy. However if you follow closely his analysis, David tells us that his weekend trading, over Saturday and Sunday goes on without glitches. Either these people think we are stupid, or assume that many people opting in for this software are in it for the gamble and know nothing about trading. We. May even surmise, that the developers behind Social Trader Scam App, know absolutely nothing about trading themselves. There is no such thing as weekend trading. The stock exchange and forex markets rest on Saturdays and Sundays.!!!!


Round up of facts of our scam review on Social Trader Binary options software.

Words of success can be a strong motivation for anyone to sign up for this scam software. The developers claim:  “Make the wisdom of the crowd work for you by copying the best traders in the world, quickly and simply. Social trader harnesses the power of social media to connect you to the world’s best traders. Watch as their trades are copied to your account automatically and profits pile up -100% on autopilot.” This is a very strong statement and can easily convince traders to join the band wagon.


Furthermore asking people to put away their credit cards, and paypal accounts etc., because this is a free software, is just plain b.s. If you subscribe to the Social Trader Scam app, you will be immediately directed to s binary options broker that is synced with the software, and you will be required to deposit at least $250. Think hard, this could be the ultimate cost of the software.


The agrees that the software is scam, and declares the Social Trader auto trader as scam.


Conclusion and Verdict on social trader app review

Given the facts presented above, we have a bogus developer who cannot even get the facts right on trading days, and collating data on trading. We have a smooth talker presenting s strong case but we are not convinced with this software. We feel safe to proclaim that the Social Trader App is scam.

Thank you for taking time to read our scam review today. If you wish to tread on safer grounds, we recommend that you visit our pages on social trading, which are based on real people trading and following signals. Drop us an email and let us help you decide a strong and safe plan for trading by learning social trading from real people and trading on demo accounts.

With so many scam software in the binary options industry we understand that selecting an instrument that assists trading can be challenging. Visit our signal software page where we have tested the software ourselves and reviewed them.

Binary options trading is not for everyone. It requires some skill and education to constantly trade profitably. However, it remains one of the simplest forms to master in trading and a legitimate source of income.

Watch videos and read the review how to make profits with verified autotrader.




  1. Social trader software is definitely scam. It is unfortunate for me that I had already tried this binary options system only to have my capital burnt out in less than one day. This is outright scam. I should have looked out for the warning signs, but sadly I did not. Reading with huge interest your review with live tests in copy Buffett system. Do you think it is worth the try?

    1. We are very sorry to hear this Sangiv. Using the wrong Binary Options software is really crucial to improved trading. However, you can be forgiven for going for a wrong software,because in this day and age it is hard to select a legitimate software from the scam software. Thank you for subscribing to our blog. You will now be receiving regular updates on all new software on the market.


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