Home NEWS Strategic Intelligence Review – Is Jim Rickards of Agora Financial right?
Strategic Intelligence Review – Is Jim Rickards of Agora Financial right?

Strategic Intelligence Review – Is Jim Rickards of Agora Financial right?


Strategic Intelligence Review – Is Jim Rickards of Agora Financial right?

Is Jim Rickards correct about the imminent demise of the greenback? Will 21st April 2017 set the trigger for the downfall of the great U.S Dollar? Is gold the only real asset to hold safely from this point? Will the price of gold really rise to unprecedented level of $10,000 per ounce? All this and more in this Strategic Intelligence Review of Jim Rickards latest newsletter from Agora Financial.

Jim Rickards aka James Rickards is notorious for his predictions of the coming of the monetary apocalypse.  However, his most recent Strategic Intelligence newsletter sets off solid alarms, due to his clear logic, even to the most conservative of investors.

According to Rickards, the next IMF summit due to occur between the 21st – 23rd April will trigger changes in the current voting powers. This will shift the strength from the U.S market to the BRICS countries. The arm-wrestling, which so far has always been a hands-down win for the United States will now shift to a group of new heavy weights. This eventuality which is a clear cut case of power shift, will potentially see the demise of the United States Dollar as the supreme world currency.


The Secrets of Jim Rickards – Strategic Intelligence Review – Is it Scam?

There is no question that Jim Rickards is highly educated and passionate about the economic patterns which affect the world economy. In his strategic intelligence review, he is forthcoming with plenty of well-researched information that is absolutely free of charge.  The scope of his Strategic Intelligence App is mere to invite you to a subscription to his monthly publication. However, before we analyse the benefits of subscribing to the Agora Financial monthly publication, let us have an in-depth look at the Strategic Intelligence paper being tabled by Jim Rickards.

Who is James Rickards of Agora Financials?

James Rickards is an international lawyer who is a regular commentator on finance.  Forbes magazine has glowing words and praise for his New York times best-selling list of books – which includes “Currency Wars”


We are in no doubt about the validity of James Rickards arguments.  His warning on the imminent change of the power game due to changes that will occur on the 21st April forthcoming IMF Summit hold much truth.

His warning in his Strategic Intelligence review is ominous and direct – it simply reads – “The end of the international monetary system is imminent and it will wipe out millions of unprepared Americans”


strategic-intelligence-logoOfficial Website:


The Strategic Intelligence Review is proposing a safety guide for future investment.  Rickards has developed a financial system, that will gain, in spite of the potential collapse of the U.S dollar as the leader in world currencies. In his 50 minutes long explanation, with his crystal clear in logic, Rickards explains that he will take three steps to safeguard wealth.  These are the same steps that he will take for himself and his family.  His theory focuses on the safety of your investments. With more than 35 years of experience which has including advising previous Presidents of States, he is now not just warning all the world of the potential crash of the dollar but also of many major stocks and shares.

In a nutshell, these are the three steps of the Strategic Intelligence Plan

  1. Invest 10% of your capital in Gold
  2. Steer clear of a list of shares which could kill your portfolio if you hold them.
  3. Invest in the new IMF Currency – which will surely (according to Rickards) become the new world money.


What is the Essence of Strategic Intelligence Review

Rickards explains how so far the IMF’s voting rights have been dominated by the United States.  At 15%, the USA has been the biggest country with the largest economic power to make all important decisions within the IMF.

However, in the last IMF meeting held on October 7, 2016, a sub-meeting was held by the BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)  where the voting rights of their growing economies were discussed and tabled.  This already brought about an aggregate 14.9% voting rights to BRICS.  In the next summit, it is expected that the aggregate economic power of BRICS will be re-evaluated.

This new evaluation may take the voting powers of BRICS from 14.9% to anywhere over 15% even as far as 17% or 18%.  When this happens, the major decisions will no longer be made by the United States, but by the new emerging economies.  Bottom line, the dollar will lose its reign as the world’s most important currency.

If this happens, as it may well happen, the decline of the dollar may be rapid.  The result is obvious, your capital will melt just as fast.


Take Advantage of the Strategic Intelligence System of Agora Financial

The Agora Financial portal is providing exclusive materials and financial advice, to help you safeguard your investments. Although it is generally aimed at the average American, it is available worldwide. Jim Rickards is providing a personalised monthly service via videos and newsletter to his subscribers.  He is also throwing new materials in his books, which will be delivered for free to your doorstep upon registration.  The Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence software can be started with a free trial subscription.

What can you expect when you subscribe to the Strategic Intelligence Package?

When subscribing to the Agora Financial system, you will receive Jim’s international best sellers which include “The New Case for Gold” and “The Big Drop” – as well as a financial report, which will advise you which stocks are critical to your portfolio.  You will also get one strong share which is gaining financial traction and is called “One Stock to Buy”.  If that is not enough you will receive “The Only Way to ‘own’ the New World Money”.  This being the heavy-weight advice which very few people know about, is how to gain access to the New World currency.  Such advice is usually given at no less than $15k per session, but will instead be free to any new subscriber. Once you subscribe to Jim’s Strategic Intelligence newsletter, a door of opportunities will open up, in a way that no other financial advisor will give you.  Consider yourself as having Jim Rickards as your private financial advisor once you subscribe.


Is Strategic Intelligence a Scare Mongering Tactic?  Is Strategic Intelligence scam?

Strategic speculation on concrete information is something that few people do.  Jim Rickards is in the advantageous position of having been the advisor to the CIA and many governments.  This is a fact and not fiction.  He admits, that 21st April is not doomsday in any way.  However, it is a trigger which could collapse a mogul economy.

Although Strategic Intelligence could be mistaken as a scam, it is impossible to debunk the Jim Agora Financial respect that has been gained over the past 35 years.

We have researched deep into any allegations of Jim Agora’s reviews and at no point has he been associated to scam.  If anything, though his statements may sound bombastic, he has been acknowledged by the best reviewers which include Forbes magazine.

Will Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Service provide you with Protection?

The Strategic Intelligence App is available worldwide all over the internet.  It is the best source of access for the Agora Financial website.  It is very easy to use, and navigation on the platform is user-friendly.  You can subscribe either by filling the form on the link below or you can order by phone.

The offer comes in three forms:

  1. The Gold service is offered at $89 per year. It is available in a printable form and offers two books and three free reports.  Over and above you will get monthly reports emailed to you.
  2. The Silver Service being offered at just $49 per year which is an identical offer as the gold, but it will be in digital form (available online).
  3. The Platinum Service – which is the best and most highly recommended at $79 which is $10 less than the Gold service, which is basically receiving all the gold package in digital form as well as a BONUS REPORT.


Join Agora Financials – This may be the only opportunity to save your capital from erosion!


We strongly believe that subscribing to the Agora Financials and the Strategic Intelligence App is a one-time opportunity before the trigger event that will occur in April 2017.  We recommend that you do not wait around until it is too late.  The sooner you act the better. What is more, if you are not satisfied with the product, you have a window of opportunity to cancel your subscription.

The 21st April IMF SUMMIT will happen.  It is not a possibility.  It is definite.  This is not a threat or a scare, it is just a fact.  How fast the trigger affect will bring the tumble of the world leading currency, may be another matter.  However, given that we are being forewarned, and have ample time to hedge our investments, it seems to be an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

Conclusion:  Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence System is Not Scam.

The Strategic Intelligence review clearly maps out, that there is no scam involved.  It is a window of opportunity for expert investment advice, from one of the world’s leading financial experts.  Jim is marketing his knowledge and championing perspectives that are fresh and new.  If there is going to be any decay in the market, we might as well have a look at a fresh approach.




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