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TAI Robotic – Artificial Intelligence at its Best?

TAI Robotic – Artificial Intelligence at its Best?


What is TAI Robotic? is being presented to us by John Doe for a refreshing change.  It is really invented by Alex Knecht an artificial intelligence genius who works on cars like Tesla that will eventually be able to drive themselves.  Can trading be conducted like self-driving cars? We are testing out this concept for ourselves. Is TAI Robotic really an Artificial Intelligence Trading App or is it another scam? Let us find out all this and more in the TAI Robotic scam review.

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Is TAI Robotic Scam? The Real TAI Robotic Review

Read Sheriff’s important TAI Robotic Review for full details.  You are recommended to read all the way through to the bottom of this review in order to understand whether it is true that TAI Robotic is scam. We have been testing TAI Robotic for the past week and we shall prepare a full report on our experience.

So is TAI Robotic Scam or is it really what it purports to be?  Well, for starters, and a very refreshing change, we have a John Doe, who is above-board and immediately tell us that he is a hired actor, explaining how and why TAI Robotic is legit.

As we said earlier, we have been tested the software which is a semi-automated trader based on artificial intelligence. Basically with TAI Robotic App WYSIWYG!!

TAI Robotic

What is the Tai Robotic App?

TAI Robotic is a software that has been invented by the compulsively shy Alex Knecht.  Alex is a highly qualified Artificial Intelligence software programmer. To be honest, I had no real clue what the connection between artificial intelligence and trading was all about, so I started doing some investigation

What I discovered has left me totally bewildered.  Although in concept I am pretty aware that we are at an age where cars can drive themselves, I had no idea that it was so close to reality.  If that is not enough, today, there are tracks being designed, for Grand Prix style competition to be made with self-driving cars. And they are not remote controlled by human beings!  They are programmed initially by human beings.  But beyond that, they are hands-free.

If TAI Robotic gave me nothing else, it certainly gave me a great insight into Artificial Intelligence.


What is Artificial Intelligence? – Is TAI Robotic an Artificial Intelligence Trading Robot?

Wikipedia is always full of information. Sometimes, it is full of shikes!  It is almost too complicated to understand on a street level.  But heck, let us have a look at what it says about AI!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal. Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem solving”.

Sounds like very heavy mouthfuls, however, you may be able to understand this better when I put it in layman’s language.  If you are a keen or addicted player of “Candy Crush”  or any other game for that matter, you will need to understand that they are all based on Artificial Intelligence.  These games are intuitive.  They know the basic movements of human behavior.  This happens because they have been programmed to pick up signals.

The same happens with cars.  How can a car drive itself with no accidents?  It can simply because it picks up movement and stationary signals.  Basically, self-driving cars are becoming a reality because a network of sensors is placed on the cars to recognize movement, distance, and flow.


If Cars Can Drive Themselves by Artificial Intelligence, can Robots read Market Movement and Trade Successfully?

There is no question that the answer is YES!  The point is whether TAI Robotic is the built in such a way to give us the results that it is claiming to give.

Let us start to analyze what TAI Robotic App is claiming to achieve in terms of trading results.  TAI Robotic App is not claiming overnight rags to riches scenario.  TAI Robotic is an Artificial Intelligence software, that is built with sensors that scan the market for support and resistance levels.  Once these support and resistance levels are identified, the software gives a signal when to buy or sell an asset.

Does Tai Robotic Work? Can I Money with the TAI Robotic App?

As explained earlier, there are no claims that you will become a millionaire with the Tai Robotic App.  However, if you are looking at making a decent income with this App, then you happen to be on the right page!

We have been testing the TAI Robotic software for the past two weeks to very encouraging results.  At the rate of 80% in the money (ITM) success rate, we are not complaining about the results with this software.

We have also said, that TAI Robotic is NOT A HANDS-FREE software.  It could be, but it is not! Why is the software produced by not handsfree?  Very simply put, it is all because of government regulations, and we are happy to endorse this!

Government regulation makes trading safe. There is no question that someone, who you never met, has control over your capital.  By offering a semi-automated software, TAI Robotic gives you the freedom of deciding how much to trade and when to trade.

Instead of dictating what you do with your capital, this software has been designed to GUIDE YOU with the best trading options.

How Much Money Can I Make with Tai Robotic Software?

The designers of this software have been completely above board from the first minute of introducing the App.  They understood that the real geeks who produce Apps like Alex Knecht and Co., are not camera savvy.  So they did not invent some “professor” who endorses the App. They just told you the truth.  The person making the delivery for the software has been paid to do it.

I have never come across such transparency the likes of Tai Robotic Software.  In fact, the only reason, why I tried this software was because it struck me as being a very authentic delivery.

What resulted was a very positive and pleasant surprise. The results achieved with trading the Tai Robotic software is nothing short of deserving a standing ovation.


Although, as the disclaimer for the software, clearly maps out, there is no guaranteed return due to volatility, the software gives you a good rate of return.

If you are planning to start off with a minimum balance of $250, you can expect to make anywhere between $150 – $800 a day depending on the amount of time that you can allow for trading.

We have managed to net a nice nest egg of $7500 in one week of trading with a starting balance of $500 and trade values of $25.


Is TAI Robotic App Legit?

Given the results we have achieved, I would say that yes TAI Robotic is legit.  Back at the trading desk, we have a team of four traders who have been trying this software at different hours of the day and on different Exchanges.  We have obtained different IP addresses so that we are virtually trading from different geographical areas.  We are trading with different brokers.  The results are consistent.  We have been making 80% ITM trades very consistently.

So is TAI Robotic safe?  We dare say that so far, the software has performed very well. Of course, we will continue monitoring the trading and the results.  We will certainly come back with an updated review in the coming days.

How To Subscribe to TAI Robotic App – Is TAI Robotic Free?

TAI Robotic is free for the consumer.  The developers are being paid a percentage of profits from the trading performance of their clients.  This is going towards a just cause.  The story explains it all.

If you would like to try this free software, you may do so by following the instructions below.  Remember your capital is not the cost of the software.  It is your asset by which you can earn your profits.  You may withdraw your capital and profits anytime after you have verified your account.

Here is how to subscribe

  • Clear your cache browser from any cookies
  • See the full explanation on what TAI Robotic is all about HERE
  • Go to the Subscription box below and enter a fresh good email address and your name
  • You will be transferred to the members’ area.  Here is where you will get even more details about the performance of TAI Robotic.  This is where you must give your legitimate details including valid name and address.
  • Now you will be transferred to a secure broker in your area.
  • Fund your account with the minimum trading deposit, or whatever amount you are comfortable to trade with.
  • TAI Robotic will automatically upload.  There is no need for download.
  • Activate your software and start trading the signals.
  • Enjoy your profits. 

TAI Robotic App – A Scam or An Artificial Intelligence Trader?

In the brief experience, we have had to trade with TAI Robotic we have been very satisfied with the results achieved.  Granted, that time is always the best proof of total legitimacy.  However, you can rest assured that if you subscribe now, you will be able to reap results.

As promised we will be back very shortly with an update on our trading.  In the meantime, read our disclosure clauses, and stay tuned and warned.  Trading is a volatile business and can result in losses.  Having said that Warren Buffett is not a billionaire on trading air!

Tai Robotic

Conclusion and Verdict!

TAI Robotic is not a Scam!

Please do leave a comment in the box below if you have already tried Tai Robot App with results.  Sharing is caring.  Even if you have encountered any losses with any other Apps, we would love you to share wit other subscribers.  Your experience is invaluable as guidance to other traders.




  1. Thanx for review I real real appreciate it. Is Omega a legit broker or just a scams please assist before I deposited

    1. We have dealt with them before. They are good brokers but just make sure that you verify your account please

  2. Have you checked out the credentials of Alex Knecht? Is he a real person? I could not find anything about him on Google.

    1. bro it is scam broker beware, his account manager start trading your account without your permission and blow you acocunt and he will not connect your account to tai robotic

  3. Is this applicable for U.S. traders as virtually none will accept us.If so what honest broker would you suggest

    1. No it is not Michael. The U.S has taken a stand against all brokers and bans binary trading. This has to do with the government policy and not with the trading and brokers themselves. The only broker that is eligible for trading in the United States is Nadex (visit on

  4. Hi every broker that has been provided to me via the tai robot website have been reviewed as scams
    Is there a regulated broker available to use the robot with I’m in australia


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