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Terran Capitals Scam Review

Terran Capitals Scam Review


Terran Capitals is SCAM. Impartial Review

Sadly we have collected very important and controversial facts which will provide evidence that is disturbing.  This critical review will demonstrate without doubt, that Terran Capital are a hoax and that they should not be trusted.

Website under the spotlight of investigation


Terran Capital are providing fake software.  They are presenting information which is misleading.  Binary Options Auto Traders are available a dime a dozen, but when developers like those for send out invitations by spamming emails, you would do well to unsubscribe immediately for your own safety.  The marketing ploy with Terran Capital Software, is to send you enough emails to engage your curiosity and finally get the better of you, but entrapping you into a financial commitment, which you will never recover.

Can you make money with the Terran Capitals Software? Is Terran Capitals Legitimate?

This is the question that we will endeavour to explain to our subscribers.  When you visit the landing page for Terran Capitals software, you are introduced to the software by an unknown quantity, probably an actor, boasting that the Terran Capitals Software is by far the best available worldwide.  Given that the presenter has not identity, because he does not even present himself, nor advises us of his connection with the software itself, we can only conclude that this is a fake presentation.  The Internet world today is very wide, and an identity can be verified very fast.  Not giving an identity, is tantamount to fraud.  The developers do not wish us to know who is really behind this scam hoax.

What is Terran Capitals?

For those who do not know what Binary Options are, we first need to understand the principles of day trading, and then we can understand what Terran Capitals are all about.

Trading Binary options involves choosing a direction in which a currency pair, stocks or share will head.  Basically a trader chooses up and down within a time frame.  This can be done manually on a binary options platform, or else, it can be done with the assistance of a software which is written with an algorithm (code) which will detect the direction for a trader automatically and generate profits in the stock market.

If the software system is a properly written one, with the right algorithms, this can be a very lucrative way of trading, particularly for new traders, who do not need to analyse the market and make the right decision based on experience.

When the software, however, as is the case with Terran Capitals, is written in such a way, that the decisions are manipulated, then the trader will loose his capital.  This is when The Binary Option Sheriff determines that the software is scam.  Scammers, take advantage of the growing market of new day traders, and instead of giving them a competitive edge, they simply manipulate the software to benefit the scammers. This is usually done in conjunction with fraudulent brokers, who get to keep your deposit capital and share it with the software developers.

Terran Capitals is yet another of these scam software systems which have been recently introduced in the binary options market.  We are finally introduced to Susan Carter, who is the alleged CEO for Terran Capitals and who is supposedly responsible for developing this App.

We never really get to see Susan except for a brief second on a screenshot  instead we have the nameless dude, who is just blabbering in her place.

Is Terran Capitals a Sure Scam?

Yes Terran Capital is a definite scam!  No honest developer would make a blatant statement saying that NO RISK is involved using the software.  That is a downright lie.  Even the best binary options software systems such as NEO2 and Copy Buffett, never claim a success rate which is higher than 80%.  Market sentiment cannot be analyzed with a robot, and therefore there is always some degree of risk involved, when using Binary Options Automated Traders.

The percentage accuracy being claimed by the scammers of Terran Capitals is therefore a fallacy. Although the claims of making $900 per day is a reasonable value, however claiming a no risk situation, is definitely just a measure to lure innocent investors into parting with their capital.

Another simple way of determining whether a software system is scam or not, is to check on the registration date of the site in question.  In our case  has been registered only a month ago.  This can be checked on the site Who.Is   The implications of such a young site, point to scam.  It appears that the site was registered only for the purpose of leaking this scam software on the binary options market. So Madame CEO Susan Carter could have done a much better job, than lie to us by saying via the bogus presenter that the software has been used for a very long time.  Excuse us Madame CEO but we are not as gullible as you think we are!!  It is also our responsibility as serious bloggers to understand when our subscribers are being scammed.


More Evidence to Discredit the Terran Capitals Scam

If Susan Carter were for real, and as rich as she is claiming to be, then one would expect to find her name plastered on all the social media.  This cannot be further from the truth.  If one checks the most important site, such as LinkedIn, there is no trace of Madame Carter.  Facebook can turn up many Susan Carters but none with the facial identity of this bogus scammer.

As for the software having the backing of CNN Money, Reuters and CNBC, we can assure you that these endorsements are all just cut and paste and a quick search on any of these sites, will show, that none of them have ever heard of Terran Capitals.

These are all the red flags which are raised when checking the promo video.  We feel that this software cannot be trusted and that it is not legitimate.  The purpose of this scam review, has been to set the record straight for an investor who may potentially be interested in betting on this lame horse.

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 Conclusion and Final Verdict

We feel that our review has given enough evidence to completely discredit the Terran Capitals Software.  We recommend that you avoid using the Terran Capitals App.

Terran Capitals is verified scam.

We are very sorry to dash your hopes, if you visited this page in the hope of finding a solution to trading binary options.  However, generating an income with binary options, does remain one of the simplest way of making money online.  What is required is a formula which is legitimate.

For binary options trading advice, we would recommend that you invest some time in getting a proper education.  For this, we recommend that you visit our Sheriff University and get some basic tips.  We advise that you should open a demo account where you can train with dummy money, and have a no risk situation.  Finally, we advise to do Social Trading.  Social Trading is a first class way of meeting like minded people, who are interested in trading successfully.  You can mirror trades or copy trades from professional traders, first on demo account and then when you are ready and see a winning strategy, you can play with a real account.

This being said, we also have a few legitimate signals softwares that have been also reviewed by credible bloggers which we recommend.  These have also been tried and tested by our own team, and the tests are documented in live trading sessions.

Other serious bloggers such as The Binary Advisory, and the I Binary options Blog. are advising same strategies  We highly recommend this site, as the information given about scammers and reliable software systems is very accurate.

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  1. I can’t believe I was actually considering Terran Capitals, everything look so good, and I got reeled in by a few obvious fake reviews. So glad I came across your review first before depositing any money into my account.


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