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The Quantum Code Update Review – More Proof of Scam

The Quantum Code Update Review – More Proof of Scam


Here is our updated review on The Quantum Code Scam system.  If you are planning to register with this software, you are advised to administer severe caution.  This is a warning review with fresh information that proves, that The Quantum Code software is a dangerous scam, and that many users are complaining of loosing their capital.


The Quantum Code Update – A Proven Scam

The website which has become viral and causing many complaints is platform. Early last week, we have posted our warning review against The Quantum Code scam, and since then we have received numerous emails from our subscribers complaining that they have used this software and suffered loss of capital.  Since this is an application which has been designed to misguide people, we are taking this opportunity, to write up an Quantum Code Update.

If we refer to the sales page of the Quantum Code, we understand immediately that this is a dangerous scam.  It is riddled with misconceptions, and fed to the gullible public as a means of making five figures daily.  Sadly, the reality is a different story.  Once a subscriber activates his account with the automated software, not only are the profits “not guaranteed” as claimed in their filthy sales page, but losses are experienced immediately!  The software being fed to us by Michael Crawford, whom we established in our previous review is nothing but a fictitious name behind the real con artist that has developed The Quantum Code, is a money sucker for innocent new traders.

Quantum Code Update Results

Cracking the Quantum code of the universe is a catch word being used by the alleged Michael Crawford to draw you int his web of lies. The first warning signs of scam should be evident, when you see shows of mansions, jewellery, cash and private jets, yachts and sports cars.  This is selling traders a fools dreams, and though loosing $250 on an initial deposit may not seem like much, when you multiply this amount by thousands of daily subscribers, you can easily understand the extent of this Quantum Code update scam.  The only people in this equation to make gains are the developers of this software system, and certainly not yourselves.  Michael Crawford is not the “nice millionaire” he calls himself to be but a death trap.  You will not become a millionaire by using the Quantum Code software.

How Does The Quantum Code Work?

If you believe in Fool’s Gold and trust The Quantum Code update, then you also believe that Michael Crawford has really cracked the quantum code and developed an algorithmic trading system for binary options.  Technically this is possible, and has been tried with success using software systems such as NEO2 and Binadroid.

In Binary Options trading, systems that are developed on the algorithms of price movement, can help you with correct signals indicating whether the market will move up or down in the near future.  This is certainly a safer method of trading for new traders, who do not need to depend on their hunches and make emotional decision on price movement.  However, when you come across a popular and viral software system like The Quantum Code Update scam, that has been rigged to send unreliable signals, your chances of trading profitably narrow down into nothing, and the results are an erosion of your capital.

The Quantum Code Update proves that this Software gives Auto Traders a Bad Name!!

Binary options trading is still a largely unregulated trading system.  Do not despair, there are safe and legitimate software systems that can be used to enhance your strategy in trading, but this Quantum Code update reveals that this is not the right software to use in your trading tool kit. Any software system that promises untold riches and cooks dreams of becoming a millionaire overnight.

Concrete Proof of Losses  This Quantum Code update reveals!

This is a  list of honest reviews who like the Binary Option Sheriff are warning against this scam software.

The Objective Binary Options grades the Quantum Code as the Number 2 Viral Scam, only dropping position to Safe Guard Trader

The Binary Options Opportunity states that The Quantum Code is a software system that should not be trusted.  It is not a legitimate system and goes on to add that is a SCAM!

Binary Option Spot advises its subscribers not to squander their money with The Quantum Code Software because you will end up losing more than your original budget. His review verdict is that is a fraudulent page and that the Quantum Code Update reveals that it is 100% Scam.

Watch out for Crook Reviewers in The Quantum Code Update

As always, there are a number of reviewers, who are usually promoting scam software systems for their own interests, who will be advocating using The Quantum Code software. These include The Daily Harrison, The Daily Hastings and  Sadly these websites promote all the scam software systems. They recommend binary options auto-traders, only because they are making advertising commission from their pages.  Do not trust sites, which never expose scam software systems.

Results for The Quantum Code Update

The Quantum Code Update is a re-confirmation of our original verdict, that the Quantum Code is Scam. The Quantum code results and list of complaints from real traders is the real warning  not to trust this software, designed to skin you off your capital.

If you have visited this page in the hope of making money online, we are very sorry to disappoint you.  You cannot become a millionaire overnight by investing $250.  In your heart you know that this is not true.

But do not despair. Trading Binary Options remains one of the most legitimate and relatively easy way of making money online.  Traders who just want to trade Binary Options should be picking up a Broker that is Regulated from our Best Broker Page.

NEO 2 has been the best auto trading software that we have ever tested live.  It gives you the possibility of trading either manually or by automated trading, through its accurate signals.  Our preferred trading mode which has given us an 80% success rate has been via manual trading. Watch our live trading session and copy our strategy HERE.

BinaDroid has been the most successful automated trading system for the last couple of months.  It is easy to use, especially for beginners, and gives you the opportunity of choosing your own broker when you signup.  This is a rare advantage that is not available with any other robot systems. You can have a preview of trading on this platform HERE.


Remember The Binary Option Sheriff will not recommend a software unless its traders have already tried and tested it live!

Finally a word of advice.  Binary Options trading carries risks of losing your capital.  If you wish to learn trading and trade safe without any risks, then we recommend that you open A FREE DEMO ACCOUNT and practice safe trading, until you refine your trading skills.  Join our Social Trading Group and meet like minded people by interacting and discussing trades.  Copy trades from professional traders and reach your success without pain of loss of capital. The Sheriff University has plenty of free education.

Email us on support(at) for more information, and do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding auto traders, and trading strategies.  The Binary Option Sheriff is here to improve your earning quality.










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