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The Wall Street Lifestyle Signals Review

The Wall Street Lifestyle Signals Review


The Wall Street Lifestyle Signals aka IMA Signals claims to make high profits to is member users in Binary Options Trading. Is this scam or legitimate? Read our full and unbiased review to understand the implications of signing up with this new software system.


The Wall Street Lifestyle Review. IMA Signals revealed.

The Wall Street Lifestyle is yet another binary options software just released in the Binary Trading Industry. The developer James Taylor, tell us a story of how he, as a top student in Colombia business school used his knowledge of the past 17 years to develop solution for trading stocks, futures swaps and options. In this review we shall be investigating the credentials of James Taylor and review the potential of scam or legitimacy for The Wall Street Lifestyle Signals Software.


Detailed Review for the Wall Street Lifestyle App

Is it credible that you can make $1 million using the Wall Street lifestyle software, which is also known as IMA Signals? What James Taylor claims for his site is that he has developed the most technologically innovative Forex and Options Signals platform, that anyone has ever come across in the market. James, continues to have us believe that traders can turn a $250 deposit into $1000 very quickly and that user experience is rated at over 95%. Traders need only take five winning trades in order to achieve this target. It is now time to start dissecting the Story Teller James Taylor and his fairy tale spin.

Are the IMA Signals Fraud, Scam or Legitimate? Can you make money using the Wall Street Lifestyle Signals?

As we have stated above, James Taylor, would like us to take five winning trades with his software, using our entire deposit with the first trade! Shocking revelations. Considering that in reality you only have a 50/50 chance of winning, then you can either end up with a balance of $400 or else, you can very likely have your entire balance wiped out in less than five minutes. Would you feel safe enough to take on this crazy challenge? We think NOT. This is a high risk gamble and not strategic trading.


How about Money Management?

In our review about Money Management, we follow classic rules about trading and that is never to stake more than 5% of your capital at any one time. The advice you receive with the IMA Signals are to stake a full 100%. You are given 5 minutes to execute the trade from the time the signal is submitted on the website. The signals are supposed to be working on the RSI Technical Indicator. We confirm that RSI is a good indicator, but one that cannot be tested independently of other indictors.


Who is James Taylor from the Wall Street Lifestyle Signals?

Well, James Taylor does not show his face, but the face of one of the testimonials is the face is already a very well known one in the Binary Options Industry, however it is not as James Taylor. It is from the Fiverr Site where one can hire actors for very little money.Wall Street Lifestyle


This actor can lie straight faced whilst you cry over your lost investments, and has already been used in other scams we revealed such as Harvard Signals 


This is a serious incrimination to use false testimonials to convince innocent traders to use a software. Leading people to believe that real traders are using this software with success in fraudulent business, and one that is certain to put up a red flag of warning against using this software. So far we have serious threat to Money Management, and fake testimonials to convince us that WallStreet LifeStyle could be a good candidate for scam. If this is the case, and you happen to register into the scam site, there is the following possibility of ensuing problems.


  1. In case you have already deposited funds into your account, there is a good chance that you see it wiped out completely in one trade.
  2. If you have not yet funded your account, but you left your email address and telephone number, you will be receiving plenty of calls from the brokers that are collaborating with Wall Street LifeStyle software urging you to make your initial deposit.
  3. The likelihood that your inbox is going to be jammed with emails that congratulate you for becoming a Member of the site and that you are now on your way to make untold fortunes.

Day-traders must understand, that we will never recommend a software that we have not tried ourselves and supported with live trading. We are not comfortable trading with the Wall Street LifeStyle software, simply because there are too many warning signs that this is scam. Also the fear of loosing the capital in just one strike is enough, to want us to keep our trading capital safe.


The other reason that we are not going to recommend the IMM Signals software today is that we have already received a few complaints about it, and have read a big number of warnings on other blogs.


We also did a check on domain and it results that this was updated just a few days ago on Whois Lookup. Therefore any proof of results is null and void, since this seems to be a set up of scam fabricated and propped up solely to sell this software. A very unsafe site.

This is what the Binary Options Elite Club had to say about this scam: The Wall Street Lifestyle SCAM is about to go viral! When we looked at the video presentation the first thing that jumped out at us was how fake it was. Wall Street lifestyle also known as IMA Signals software is a complete scam. We want to start off Wall Street lifestyle review by declaring that upfront so you do not have to wait for the suspense until the end of this article. How can we tell this signal service is a scam?


Review Verdict and Conclusion on The Wall Street Life Style.

In this review we have concluded that it is potentially unsafe to use the Wall Street Life Style. The probability that IMM Signals is Scam is 95%. Thank you for reading this review. As explained earlier, in this site, you will find plenty of other BlackList Scams, which you should always review before you sign up. We do not recommend any software unless we have tried and tested the software by doing real trading ourselves. You may see our live trading in the consecutive video.

For smart traders

Become a smart trader by following our expert advice. Open a Demo Account with a Regulated Broker. We only recommend NADEX if you are a U.S. Trader since this is the only CTFC Regulated broker in the United States allowed to invite day-traders to trade Binary Options



  1. Lot of scams popping up these days in binary options field. Glad found your site on Wall Street lifestyle scam. Will stay away from them as warned. Subscribed to your blog so I can keep informed.


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