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The Trade Tracker Pro is a cheap shot at inviting binary options traders to use this fake software. Our scam review will reveal and expose the tricks used by the developers of this App to lure you into subscribing and signing-up. If you were thinking of doing so, we recommend that you read our unbiased review, which has full evaluation on why you should not leave your email address with these con artists. You should certainly not give up your job, as the sales video courts you to do!!

Full Scam Review for the Trade Tracker System

The site which we are investigating today is The software is designed by a certain Derek Stone, who is represented by a fake bearded actor and is therefore a bogus personality. The Bearded wonder proudly informs us that his trading account has sky rocketed with profits made in January 2016! using the Trade Tracker Pro Software. But as we do, we start digging into whether the information that we are given holds up. Here are the reasons which expose Trade Tracker for the scam it is!

Scam Review Fact 1

The website was created in March 2016. A quick look into the site which gives you information of site registrations identifies this. Therefore the first evidence that Derek Stone, made these untold profits with Trade Tracker Pro Method are already false and fabricated.

Scam Review Fact 2

The offer for the Trade Tracker Pro System is meant to be on offer for an Extremely Limited Time. You have probably been “invited” to subscribe to this App as one of the “chosen few”. This “private invitation” is standard practice used by scam sites, to massage ego of innocent day traders. By making the offer appear to exclusive, a trader will be more willing to try the offer. We can assure you, that we have already had many real traders complaints about the Trader Tracker Pro scam, and many have complained that their inboxes have been jammed with infusion mail, offering this non-exclusive method. It is yet another scam tactic, and everyone is actually invited to join the scam band wagon.Trade Tracker Pro

Scam Review Fact 3

Impossible Trading Account sizes. The video review by the bearded bogus CEO Derek Stone, may appear convincing to start off with. You can be forgiven if you have fallen victim to this software, because at first sight the Trade Tracker Pro can pass off as a great bot. However, when you evaluate details the truth appears to look rather different. Derek Stone promises you that his auto trader can generate as much as $80,000 per month. He even implies that you can give up your daily job after using this App. We feel that this is really the pits, and a very cheap shot at getting innocent people, who have to battle with the hum-drum life of a regular job to sign up.

Let us be realistic. Does making $80,000 per month from a humble deposit of $250 really convince you? Do the odds look fair and plausible? The answer is a definite no to both questions. Anyone who knows anything about Binary Options Trading, knows that the odds of making this kind of money is very slim. You stand a better chance making that money, taking a lottery ticket. A regular trading account with a starting balance of $250, can possible generate another $250 per day. Even if this amount is compounded, and your trading is above an 80% success rate, you will never be able to reach the target being claimed by these con artists of $80,000 per month! This is yet another reason why you should be warned about the Trade Tracker Pro!

Scam Review Fact 4

Stay away from The Trade Tracker Pro system that encourages you to quit your job, but does not explain how to make your money. The sheer irresponsibility of the claim, makes us wonder how on average these scammers have not been banned by Google yet. You are told that there is one 1 free spot left and that you are going to have a 100% income guarantee of this “extremely time limited off” ! Trust us, this is a whole load of hogwash, because the same spot, is reserved for you or anyone else who cares to look at the sales video the day after, and the weeks after that. It is another cheap shot at playing on trader’s emotion, and sign up as quickly as possible without thinking into the implications.

Scam Review Fact 5

What are the implications of trading with the Scam system Trade Tracker Pro? For starters, once you subscribe, you will be directed at a platform or a binary options broker which is synched with the software. Since this software is undoubtedly an unsafe one, it is very likely that the brokers which are on rotation and inviting business from the auto trader, may also have a questionable reputation. As soon as you sign up and fund your account, you can rest assured that you will be inundated with pressure calls from “your dedicated manager” from the Binary Options Broker that you have signed up with. They will immediately warn you that you cannot make money with just a $250 deposit, and that you should deposit more money if you hope to make some real profits. They may even dare to expose the Trade Tracker Pro System as being worthless, and that they can devise a better plan for you. Be warned that this is standard scam broker practice. Their hands are itching to get on to your money.

Scam Review Fact 6

You are invited to get 100% Access for Life for FREE with Trade Tracker Pro Software.

Actually this looks like an afterthought since the original price was €99 but this was crossed off, and out of momentary generosity, they changed it to a FREE system. Do not be impressed by this. As we explained earlier, the whole point is to get you to sign up for the software and do your first deposit. The broker will try to get some more off you, but since it is likely that the software will not be delivering what it promises you, there is a good chance that you lose your initial deposit of $250. Does that sound free anymore?

Scam Review Fact 7

David Stone, makes a bold statement claiming that it is “Seriously Impossible” to lose money using the Trade Tracker Pro System. Anyone who knows anything about Binary Options knows that there is no legitimate software which claims 100% success rate! Even the excellent ones such as THE COPY BUFFETT SYSTEM claims only 80% success rate. In the same breath the CEO of the site vouches to give you your money back within 60 days of your first trade. Are you confused here or what? In one instance you are told that this software never fails, on another instance you are told that the software is free, and on a third instance you are promised a money back guarantee. The information is confusing and does not tally. This is all because, the developers are trying to outdo themselves selling a system which is crap.Trade Tracker Pro video clip

Scam Review Fact 8

David Stone shows us an account which he is cultivating and growing every week by using the Trade Tracker Pro Software. However at no point do we see any live trading. This is all manufactured information. None of it is real. There is no convincing facts and trading going on here. The insult is further compounded by another misleading piece of information. We are seeing the bald and bearded actor withdrawing his profits from an ATM. Money which he has just transferred from his Binary Options Broker account. This is a total misnomer. All Brokers will never release profits until a formal withdrawal application is made, and then never before a week of verifying your profits.

What are other Reviewers saying about Trade Tracker Pro.

As always happen in life, there is a chance that you will come across some reviewers claiming to sing the praises for the software. It is generally because the system is being promoted by the particular reviewer. Endorsing a software system may generate profits in terms of commission to the reviewer. This is why all reviews need to be handled responsibly and tried and tested before endorsed.

One trusted reviewer is Easy Trading Signals. His conclusion on the review is simple:

I know that you came to read this review hoping that you had found something that will make you some extra money. This is not the system that is going to do that for you.

Another credible reviewer is the where the conclusion is as follows:

Unfortunately this is yet another scam that is offering to make you lots of money in a short space of time. We believe that 80k in one month is is farfetched and you will never be able to reach that amount.

Sheriff’s Conclusion and Verdict on the Trade Tracker Pro

We have to agree with Sam from Easy Trading Signals, that if you were hoping to subscribe to this system to make some extra money, this is not going to work for you. It is also for this reason that we chose to endorse only very few instruments, which can help you enhance your daily trading. Our list of scam reviews outnumbers the recommended reviews by 20:1 We have been instrumental in saving thousands of dollars to our subscribers and pointing out scam. We declare Trade Tracker Pro to be Scam!!

We recommend that you subscribe to this site, and get regular updates on scam and legitimate binary options signal software. If you are looking for an App that has been proven to be the best signal provider for 2016, then we recommend that you read our Review on the COPY BUFFETT SYSTEM



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