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Trade X Confidential-Convincing Scam

Trade X Confidential-Convincing Scam


Trade X Confidential by the Jimmy Hendrix wannabe Paul Reed is artful scam. You can be forgiven for falling victim to this trap. The logic behind it is fairly convincing but the facts do not tally. Read our unbiased review to find our fact by fact why we are sure that the Trade X Confidential Software system is artful scam.

Trade X Confidential App Review

Trade X Confidential is represented by The site under investigation by the Sheriff is As we usually do, we have checked on to find out some information about this site. As with many other scam sites, it has only been recently registered. March 1st 2016 was the registration date, and it would appear, that this was the time around which, the video pitch by the alleged CEO of Trade X Confidential was being recorded. Evidence that trading was already under way by beta traders is therefore null and void.

The registration date, could be just a detail for most, but when an investor is prepared to trust as much as $2000 (page two request for managed accounts), then you really need to note every detail before you get scammed by Trade X Confidential! Here is our detailed investigative review about why you should not invest your money with the Trade X Confidential System.

Scam Review Fact 1:

We are introduced to the pasty white version of the Jimmy Hendrix wannabe in the form of Paul Reed. Paul Reed the failed guitarist, seems to have a brain that ticks with algorithms. His story is a simple strategy and could be plausible. What he says is that he started looking at companies which were small but in the process of a take-over, and who would in turn become huge. Buy small – cash big. A very overused maxim. However, Paul Reed promises that he has managed to design a software, which with its unique coding operation, can track what a company’s website conglomerate is looking at. To put in simple words, he designed a system, which could look at was looking into the small companies, with an aim to buy them and make them huge! Very good logic, if the system works.

But here is the huge fault with this system. Such take-overs with unknown companies, or mere start ups are simply not quoted in Binary Options trading! The software which the dumb Paul Reed, who definitely has some acting skills, but certainly has no guitar fire inside him (because he is a fake) is trying to sell you, is BOGUS.

Let us amplify on this analogy. So, Paul Reed, who looks very nurdy office worker and not a guitar player unless it is for classical music (pardon the bitchiness.. yes today it is a woman writing this review!) minus tattoos, and piercings, lol… tells us the following story..Trade X Confidential

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars. If anyone had known that, they would have bought into WhatsApp right? Correct. Now Paul Reed, has devised a system, where he can tap into small companies, which are being looked at by the big fish! If they look too often, they are interested in biting. If they are going to bite, then he bites before. The Trade X Confidential System is meant to have a reverse engineer that looks into the IP addresses of small companies (insider information) and will find out who is looking at what, and how often.

The logic is brilliant. We have to say “chapeau” to that! BUT and the but is a big BUT.. this logic does not conform with Binary Options Trading!!

Scam Review Fact 2

Why does the logic behind Trade X Confidential Auto Trader, not conform with Binary Options Trading? Well for starters, you need to know a little bit about binary options trading, before you fall for the full scam as presented by Trade X Confidential system. Binary Options trading, is a system whereby currency, pairs, major assets, and commodities are traded based on whether the price will be going up or down, within less than the next 24 hours. Ok that, may be an oversimplified way of explaining it. Compared to Forex trading (which would have been a lot more plausible to use the thinking cap of our bogus Mr. Paul Reed) Binary Options is much simpler to execute. It is less risky than Forex because it does not expose traders to leverages. The maximum you can lose or win is the extent of your capital at any one time.

The Binary Options Brokers, who are synched to work with the Trading software systems such as the Trade X Confidential, can be either legitimate or scam brokers. It is normal for scam software to tuck themselves into bed with scam brokers. The more scam the brokers, the worse the platforms they offer, and the less their pay out (if at all!)

In the case of the site under scrutiny we have already discovered that they are bedding GTOptions. Although not the worst of Brokers, it certainly does not have a great reputation. GTOptions is a platform, which will kick you out of trading every five minutes. If you are trying to get a deal which is in your favour, it logs you out. Try getting a pay-out, and they will find a hundred excuses for which your account is not yet verified. In the end they do pay, but you really have to sweat it out. Does anyone need that trouble?

But the crux of the matter is simple. GTOptions and plenty of other Binary Options Brokers, to which the Trade X Confidential App is synced to, do not support start up companies, or even medium sized companies which could potentially be looked at for the big take overs that his sales BS is all about. GTOptions in particular, trades only stocks of Apple, Microsoft, Coca Cola and IBM. So in this case how can the logic of Buy Low and Start Trading Early being sold to us by the Trade X Confidential guitarist wannabe, work out?

Scam Review Fact 3

This may turn out to be one of our longest review, but the sales pitch of the Trade X Confidential has the longest Pinocchio nose we have ever seen! Who is Jimmy Hendrix? Oops sorry who is the failed guitarist Paul Reed? Paul Reed is a fake. It is a name just put for the convenience of selling you this bogus software. He is as ghostly as the profits you will never see from this software. A quick check about Paul Reed on LinkedIn and other social media draws a big blank.
Evidence below. One would think that a successful developer like the alleged CEO for Trade X Confidential scam software would be ranking high on search engines. Of course he does not. He does not exist.Trade X confidential

Scam Review Fact 4

The Beta Testers, which we have already established above, could not have traded on an unregistered software before the 1st of March (but they did anyway) are all fake testimonials. Even the acting is hurting. Some a terribly gushy, sounding like nails scratching over a blackboard. They were probably paid $5 from the site where you can hire actors for a cheap as that. The point is that no names are given, so we cannot even try to verify the authenticity of their statements. Are you convinced that the the Trade X Confidential system is scam? If you are not, so far, we have one last bit of fact which will expose them for the fraudsters which they are.Trade X Confidential


Scam Review Fact 5

We are told that the Trade X Confidential is a hands free web-based auto trader. Which means that once you subscribe to the App and are directed to the broker for registration and funding your account, then it should automatically gear in and start trading on your behalf. However, on the second page of the sales page of the video, you are told that if you deposit $2000, you will have a dedicated manager who will be placing trades on your behalf. Exactly what are we being sold into here? An auto trader? Or a junior trader who will grab your money and burn it away as profits to the like of GTOptions? Excuse me, but the logic again does not tally. Is this an auto trader? Is this a fund management account? What are we being sold here. This is very serious.  Most scam sites try to trap you into a $250 deposit before you discover you are scammed.  Trade X Confidential scam is going for the Kill!!  $2000 could be your cost for this software!

Scam Review Fact 6

We are finally told that the algorithm set up for the Trade X Confidential – which as we have proved above is not consistent with binary options trading, is tuned to achieve 100% success! If this is not a red flag for scam then we certainly do not know what is. We have received numerous complaints on trading software, and Trade X Confidential falls into a category for the complaints section of our scam reviews. There is no such thing as infallible. All software systems fail at some point. The best software available at the moment is the Copy Buffett System and we have been using this extensively both for manual and auto trading, but so far this has never achieved better than 80% . Watch our live trading session for 10 straight Trades with 80% trading success.

Conclusion and Verdict for the Trade X Confidential Software System

If you are wondering about how to download Trade X Confidential, we hope that this review will dissuade you from doing so. We are sure that Trade X Confidential is Scam.

Thank you for taking time to read this review, even if somewhat lengthy. We have to support our verdicts with tangible proof. As always the best proof is from the number of complaints we receive from subscribers who ask us to review products with which they have been scammed.

Do contact us via the subscription form, if you are interested in trading, and would like to start a profitable career trading binary options. We will never offer to sell you dreams. Binary Options trading is a serious business, and requires mentoring and skills. We are happy to tailor make a system to get you on the right road of financial freedom. And it is really for free.

Contact us on support{at} for your personalised trading system.




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