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Tratika Scam Software Exposed. Review Details

Tratika Scam Software Exposed. Review Details


Tratika Auto-Trader is nothing but a copy-cat software shaving off the sensational success of the United Trading Software. The binary options industry is rife with a scam. Therefore subscribing to software that is not unanimously approved could be dangerous. Please read this full and impartial review on Tratika App in order to understand what scam we are dealing with. This is an important warning. Your capital is not safe with and its devious developers.

Tratika Auto-Trader Review – Scam Exposed

We first came across the Tratika software when one of our subscribers fell victim to this scam. This subscriber mistook the software for the legitimate United Trading Network software and subscribed thinking that it was the same online trading service.

For those of you who are not familiar with United Trading Software, you may want to read our original review and see our trading results. The results with UTN have varied from 65-85% with very few days when it hit below. These results have been endorsed by many live traders on YouTube

Sadly this new kid in town has plagiarized a perfectly safe system, copying the exact platform and software, however drawing a very different conclusion.

In the case of the Tratika scam software, average results are below 50%, thereby eroding trading capital extremely fast.

How Does the Tratika Software System Work?

As we have explained earlier the platform of Tratika is identical with that of UTN. However, since the results are so disparate and different, one can only assume that the algorithms for Tratika are rigged!

According to the system, the algorithm is said to offer traders an opportunity of a peer-2-peer scheme. This means that the system connects you with financial experts and you will then be able to copy their trades.

The Tratika software which was launched in March 2017 is said to offer social trading and also automated trading. It is basically a signal software system, whereby a trader will pick the trades, and the software will decide on the expiry time.

What remains a total mystery, is that the developer behind the software is completely unknown. Furthermore, they claim in their sales video that you can choose from a list of regulated broker. However, in reality, when you subscribe to Tratika you are automatically assigned an unregulated broker. You do not really have a choice to select a broker of your preference. Nor are any brokers on their rotation list regulated. This is a natural progression of all scam software systems.Tratika scam brokers

Evidence that Tratika is Scam

Tratika claims 100% accuracy. This automatically is proof of the online scam. We have never come across a system that is even close to 90% in terms of accuracy. Therefore, artificially guaranteeing success even by way of testimonials, that cannot be reached is concrete evidence of a scam.

The unknown developers of Tratika claim that their software is unique. However, we have already given concrete evidence that Tratika is nothing by a rebranded software, with a rigged system.

You can certainly not test the system out. You are just meant to accept that the software will perform 100% accuracy. This could not be further from the truth.

The Tratika system is supposed to be working on three levels

  1. Social Trading Platform
  2. Semi-Automatic Trading
  3. Auto-Trading – hands-free trading.

There are three types of expiry trading with Tratika

  1. Rush Options -120 second expiry time – better known as turbo trading – very high-risk trading.
  2. Basers Options – trading with an expiry of maximum 4 hours.
  3. Investo Option – trading with an expiry time of up to three days.Review of Tratika Scam Software

Here is where we start encountering disturbing evidence of a scam. Despite the fact that we are told that Tratika is a social trading platform, we find no real live traders that can be copied. The system is simply generating signals and a trader has to decide which trade to take.

Earlier on we have explained that Tratika guarantees 100% win rate. However, if you read the disclaimer note at the bottom of the site you are clearly warned that the developers are not implying or guaranteeing profits. In fact, you are told that you run the risk of losing part or all your investment.

Therefore our concrete and a clear question is this – What are we supposed to believe? That traders should trust their capital because they are guaranteed to lose it?Tratika fake disclaimer

We Recommend that You Move To Safety

If you are really new to trading and wish to join a real social trading platform, then you should try the demo account with eToro. eToro is the world largest social trading Forex Platform, whereby you can choose to copy real traders and emulate their results.

etoro-logoTratika Auto-Trader is 100% Scam

There has been growing concern in the binary options industry over proper regulation and security of investor’s capital. For this reason, more and more software systems are steering completely clear of auto-trading.

Whilst on one hand, new traders like this function because they do not know how to trade and therefore hope that the software will perform miracles for them, on the other hand, they lose complete control of their investment.

Auto-trading is being gradually eliminated and abolished by any legitimate system. If a system is above board, the developers do not want the responsibility of being accused of manipulating traders’ capital. Evidently, when a system is being offered as an auto-trader in to-day’s world, the motif is clear. It is rigged to scam!

Review Verdict and Conclusion – Do Not Invest with

At the very beginning of our scam review on the Tratika App, we said that we first heard of this scam binary options software when one of our subscribers lost his capital. The case in point contacted us in order to help him recover his capital. Although it is not a straightforward situation, we have helped many traders recover funds when they have been clearly swindled. This is the exact case in point.

Tratika Social Trading Platform is Definite Scam!!

Are you new to Trading? If you are, then you should know that you are the best target for scam sites! If you are looking at trading online, here are a few points that you should follow without fail.

  1. Invest your capital ONLY with Regulated Brokers
  2. Before trading with your cash, learn how to trade on a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT
  3. Learn how to read charts and understand trading signals. You owe yourself an education. “The Secret Trader” has been prepared for you by the Binary Options Sheriff with the sole intention of guiding you from Newbie to professional trading.
  4. Join a real Social Trading Group and follow successful traders whom you can communicate with on a daily basis and monitor their trading success.

Thank you for making time to read this scam review on Tratika Software. Keep abreast on what is happening in the binary and Forex market by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Drop us an email to support(at) if you need any more information about trading.



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