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Triana Soft Review


Trian Soft under the investigation. Check out detailed and informative review on Triana Soft. If we have to give Triana Soft a rating it would get the badge of Excellence for Scam in Binary Options. We are dealing with an overwhelming number of complaints from our subscribers and day traders concerning this new scam App known as Triana Soft. Do not put much attention to these two fake actors. Traders who have put money on this site are now crying for help because they have lost their capital. And if you are a hopeless Romantic, you may be taken in with the name of the Software Triana. It is meant to be the name of the fake Michael Campbell’s daughter whom he did not want to be raised in Manhattan! Sob! Sob!

This is a warning to all binary options traders, and innocent people who are promised to make money online using the Triana Soft App. We have massive evidence to expose this site as an excellent cover up for scam.

The Triana Soft Full Review

First question which every trader poses Is whether Triana Soft is a legitimate binary options software or Scam? Does the software perform well? Will a trader achieve the results claimed and targeted by Triana Soft?

In this detailed review we will establish facts, which will point to validation as to why we believe that the Triana Soft App is scam. If you do not wish to read much further and wish to proceed to safety then we recommend that you click on the link below.Proceed to safety plan

We have to admit that when we landed on the site for Triana Soft we were quite taken in with the authenticity of the software. Michael Wedmore and David Campbell, the alleged co-founders, for the Triana Soft are very credible actors. There is a strong element of trust built immediately when you come across this software. These developers tell us a story about the “butterfly effect” which is incidentally a very good term to anyone who goes from one relationship to another (and then it is called the butterly syndorome). This “butterfly effect” synergy is what the software, is based on. It is the strategy used behind the Triana Soft auto trading software.

The Butterfly Effect as explained in the Triana Soft sales and marketing video, is an exponential effect in trading. Basic one action just follows another, when two actions are followed by another two, they become four, and when four are followed by another four they become sixteen and so on. The numbers grow very fast due to the cumulative results of the Butterfly Effect. All the wings are collected in one depot by the Triana Soft, and the data cruncher claims to have a 92% winning strategy. Believable? Yes quite believable, until we start looking into the different layers of deceit.

The Butterfly Effect is not an innovation. It is an accepted strategy by serious traders. David Cambell and Michael Wedmore, are therefore bringing nothing new to the binary options trading industry. The only sin in this strategy is the sin of failure. The developers simply fail to point out, that this strategy has many pitfalls and moments of non delivery, and that it can only be safely used in conjunction with other dependable signals. There is no way, that the Butterfly Effect can ever be used as a stand alone, and it is impossible that it will deliver anywhere near the 92% success rate boasted by the Triana Soft App.

We now proceed to denounce the Triana Soft System

Review Fact 1

David Campbell and Michael Wedmore as complete frauds. Search anywhere in social media or serious sites like LinkedIn and you will find nothing about these fictitious names attached to Binary Options Trading or The Triana Soft Scam.

Review Fact 2

A quick check about the site on the site Who.Is reveals that the site was established just a few days from writing this review on the 7th March 2016. Evidence of all the trading and testimonials are therefore all null and void. Probably they are complete fabrications, filled in to make the site look completely credible. If Triana Soft is only 5 days old – how can these traders been profiting from the software for months?? Did they know something that the whole world fail to grasp? Other than that, you need only look at the exposed evidence below, to find out that all the testimonials are by fake identities: Triana Soft fake identity
Triana soft Fake identityTriana soft scamTriana Soft

Review Fact 3

Beware of scam or unregulated brokers! Without pointing any dirty fingers we seem to come across the same unregulated brokers, who are only too happy to have scam software synched with their platforms. When registering for the Triana Soft software, you are directed to a broker of THEIR CHOICE. You have no way of choosing your own broker. If you are landed with Brokers, the likes of GTOptions, you are likely to have difficulty withdrawing any profits, unless your account is verified. Furthermore, such sites offer Demo Accounts, and all the data demonstrated on the Triana Soft site, can easily be manipulated with “Paper Money”.

Review Fact 4

Convince ME to Convince YOU. It would seem like the Butterfly Effect syndrome has even touched the brains of the fake Michael Wedmore. In one instance the multi-millionaire from using the Triana Soft is boasting how easy it was to get to his financial status, and that he thinks that his software is worth paying $10k for. In another instance, he is begging subscribers to become beta testers for FREE by subscribing to his software to prove its validity. If this were really a free software, then the new Bill Gates would be founding your account, not requesting you to pay into it!

Review Fact 5

Here comes the Big Blunder. Triana Soft claims to make money 6 days a Week. As far as we know, God invented 6 days and then he rested on the 7th day. The Financial Markets are not God, and they need rest on the 6th and the 7th day. Pardon the sarcasm but there is no trading on Day 6! How can an app make money automatically for you 6 days a week when there is only 5 days of trading?? Hello!! I guess these people know less about trading than most day traders, but still hoping to trap innocent victims into their web of lies?Triana Soft

Review Fact 6

We have already established in this scam review that the orchestrators for the Triana Soft do not know much about Binary Options trading in Review Fact 5. Otherwise they are hoping that their potential subscribers are ignorant to trading. Here is another arbitrary fact!

We are told that the software knows exactly when to enter and to exist the market for trading. In binary options you enter at a strike price with a pre-determined expiry time. There is no safe existing. There is only a directional choice. Big words are simply trying to impress us with trading, but the logic is not consistent with binary options trading. Hoping that everyone is stupid and signing up is not a luxury we can allow our subscribers to fall into! Hoping the public in general is gullible is a cheap tactic being used by many scam sites. We have just exposed yet another one this week!! Check out this other Scam App

Conclusive and Verdict for the Triana Soft Auto Trader

If you are a new trader and hoping to make money on the Triana Soft, then we recommend that you save yourself your capital. Do not fall for this scam, which is brand new on the market and which will only deliver loss of your capital. The risks in investing in this software is high as has been concluded by a verified blog The Binary Options Spot who concludes:

Triana Soft Scam Review! The conclusion!

At this point there are a lot of troubling facts inside this service. It’s clearly brand new, created with one single purpose! To steal your hard earned money! We have exposed enough facts in order to repel you from signing with Triana Soft APP! As we believe that investing with this trading bot hides high risk!


You have now heard the verdict twice over: Triana Soft is Scam

Thank you for taking time to read this review. If you landed on this page hoping to make money online trading binary options, we feel duty bound to advise you that it will not happen using the Triana Soft. However, Binary Options trading remains one of the most legitimate manners in making money from the comfort of your home. You need to have a devised plan and some educated choices to get there. Open a free Demo Account to start understanding Binary Options. Drop us an email and join one of the Industry’s largest Manual Signal Software Social Trading Group for free.



  1. I love how you broke this review down into 6 facts. A lot of blogs I bump into just state their opinions without giving valid reasons. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make another awesome review! Subscribed 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment Alex. We shall definitely do that. Triana soft is also known as Triana Software App


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