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United Trading Review

United Trading Review


United Trading Network – New Approach to Professional Trading

United Trading Network is the ultimate source of the best binary options social trading solution.  By means of their United Trading software, the network is offering a brand new approach to trading.

United Trading Software Review – Scam Software or Best Social Trading Algo Robot?

Read this authentic United Trading Network Review and we will guarantee that we will give you the best and highlighted Advantages and trademark features of the United Trading Software App in this review.  If you are looking for a scam check, then look no further.

The United Trading Network is probably the most innovative approach to professional trading in a social group.  Their qualities are truly unique.  If you are a serious trader, then we recommend that you take a good look at this product.  This is a social trading team that has managed to convert high strategy trading to street trading. Thereby making it possible for everyone who is interested in making money online participate.

The United Trading Software is a top quality software that is going places! ***

The unique qualities of the United Trading Network make it possible for the best crop of trading strategies to be translated into every day profitable trading.

Find out more on the clever logic behind the United Trading Network, by reading this full and honest review.

united-trading-logoOfficial website:

What is the United Trading Network?

The  UTN is a social network that is composed of a team of students who are majoring in the study of Foreign Exchange Trading science.  Together they have created the equivalent of a “Forex Facebook”.  The success and growth started after a group of team members entered their “prototype” of significant trading signals to an International Business Competition for Millenials.

Not only did the team win the prestigious title of International Investment and Entrepreneurial Symposium, but they also snatched the prize of $100,000.

The team is very aptly described as the “Investing Dream Team” by Professor Anthony Grecko – who is the mentor behind the group.

United Trading Network – or U.T.N as it is also known is a social trading team that have automated their signals by combining analysis and social trading.

Meet the team behind the high performing model of the United Trading Software:


Adam Fletcher The UTN’s Project Manager. Adam is the campus expert in technical analysis.  He is finishing his degree in forex trading, and is acknowledge to be one of the top trading strategist in his field.

Jaleel Beshir – The Second Project Manager introduced in the United Trading Network team, is an expert in Fundamental analysis.  Together with Adam Fletcher, they were the founding members of the United Trading Software.

Matt Kirby – An Investment Banking expert with a panache for trading commodities – a very specialised aspect of trading, often neglected by forex trading, and a coveted niche market.

Lydia Williamson – A trader herself but by her own admission, is more specialised in statistics and computer programming.

Jack Kubis – The Campus Investment Club President.  Jack is the moderator for the international trading contest and organiser of several trading competitions with other organisations.

Two Heads Are Better Than One – Exponential Benefits of Social Trading

In this United Trading Network review, we are going to investigate and confirm why we are sure that the software is scam free.  Moreover, we are also going to investigate how this team came up with this incredible software.

  • Algorithm is Powered by a Combination of Analysis and Social Trading Strategies

The United Trading Software is a based on an algorithm that smartly combines all the technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis analysed by human experts, and combined with the mass decision of traders on social media.

The algorithm is based on a what is apparently a simple trading strategy.  Can a group of people make a better decision than an individual?

There is no doubt that the answer is yes!  The results can be exponential.  The team started off with the two trading experts, Adam Fletcher and Jaleel Beshir putting their skills together, and achieving a much higher rate of success than when they traded individually.

Their combined rate of success was 80%

  • The United Trading Software Offers an 83% Winning Rate:

Once Lydia Williamson started working on the algorithm that accomplished incorporating all the four strategies of the different partners into an auto-trader, the results notched up a couple of higher bars in the success rate registered.

This is how Lydia worked on the UTN Software with her computer programming expertise.  First she wrote an algorithm that analysis the best potential trades. This is done by taking into consideration Technical, Fundamental and Sentiment Analysis.

Next, it compares the potential trades to different strategies. Based on these comparatives and matches, the result of the algorithms is a high quality signal software.

This is however not enough.  It would not make the UTN software particularly unique.  Such algorithms would make the United Trading Network App a regular software.

What does make the United Trading App so unique? Lydia introduced the human element by way of the social trading feature.  This turned a regular auto-trader into an award-winning automated trading software.

How Does the Social Trading Feature Work with the UTN Software?

The United Trading Software offers trading advice and high quality signals based on votes.  The votes are tabled by the top and confirmed traders.  The top strategists of the social trading network in the United Trading Community vote on which signals should be traded.

It is only the “green lighted” top traders and expert analysts are allowed to vote on the signals.  This means that as trader you are guaranteed to get the best quality signals and the most profitable trades.

By joining this community you get the benefit of the BEST TRADING SIGNALS .  Naturally speaking, not all traders qualify to have their signals voted for in the community.  Such qualification ensures that only the top qualifiers will lead the social trading group.

This also ensure that all trades are as reliable as possible.  It eliminates the possibility of scam signals.  This United Trading Network review confirms that all the trading signals are in agreement with the top traders in the social group.


United Trading Software has been Voted as the Most User Friendly Software by Day Traders

Naturally, this software would not reach this level of success unless it was previously tested and proven to be user-friendly.

However, the team for the United Trading Network, being reviewed for scam in this post, did not go through the usual channels of beta testing.

Instead the team, took part of their profits and spoils from their $100,000 prize which they won in the trading symposium, and allocated this to twelve top students from Prof. Grecko’s Team.

These twelve students, professionals in their own right, tested the automated social trading as a secondary team.  The finance class, took the team trading of Adam Flether and Jaleel Beshir to a new level of 81.5% success rate.

After this, 15 new members of the social trading group selected by Jake Kubis, who were complete newbies to trading, used the software to trade forex, without any formal knowledge of trading.  Their success went up to 83% in the money rate of return.

Finally, through the Investment Club of the Campus University, a testing competition was run between a team of live testers and the team using the UTN software.

The results?  A landslide win for the UTN social trading group, with an overall result of 83% win rate. The verdict – an approachable way to trading successfully for virgin traders.

Advantages of Using the United Trading Network System

United Trading software is a high performing software.  In order to understand how much logical sense this software makes, you need to understand how important a high win rate is in binary options trading.

Binary Options trading requires a trader to pick a direction in which a currency pair or commodity will go, within a specific time frame.  If the trader picks the right direction, the broker will pay around 80% of the value of the trade.   On the other hand, the trader picks the wrong direction, ALL THE TRADING CAPITAL is forfeited.

If you are new to trading you may want to head over to our post 10 Best Trading Tips for Beginners

Therefore, with binary trading, as opposed with foreign exchange trading, the winning rate needs to be above 60% in order for a trader to see a capital growth.

It makes perfect trading strategy to find a legitimate software like that of the United Trading Network. One that achieves a real trading profit.  Here we are not dealing with a scam site that claims a 100% success rate. Such scam will only proceed to drain your capital.  In this instance, we are dealing with a healthy and profitable trading software. A system that is easy to use by its members.

If you are looking for decent monthly earnings, you can rely on the United Trading Network community to help you achieve your targets.


United Trading Network Customer Support

How do you evaluate whether the United Trading Software is scam or legit? You simply test how fast their customer support team replies to your email requests! In the case of this network, we received replies to queries within just a few hours of sending our request.

There is nothing more assuring than to receive support. This is even more so, if you are a new trader. You will want to integrate with a team of other traders. And meet traders who may have more knowledge than yourself.  As such you can expect to receive first class support service from the network team!

How to Start Profiting with the United Trading Network Software?

ARE YOU READY to start your trading experience by joining a network of social traders? WOULD YOU LIKE to receive high quality signals from expert traders? All you have to do is to subscribe from the link below.invitation-belt

Follow these steps for registration.

  1. Enter your email address. Ideally use an email address that you have not previously used to register with any other software system. It will ensure that you get the best brokers available in your area.
  2. You will then be directed to the full subscription area. Here is where you need to make sure that you enter your valid data. This includes your address and correct telephone number.  Do not use hyphens when entering your phone number.  The network will use this number to call you for verification.  As such, if your number is not correct, you cannot subscribe to join the UNITED TRADING NETWORK!
  3. The team will then search for the best broker available in your area. The broker’s platform is necessary for you as the means by which you can place trades.
  4. Once the broker is identified, you will be required to deposit your capital of $250. This is the working capital you need in order to start trading and profiting.
  5. The software is immediately downloaded on your computer. You are now part of the team.  Expect the best social trading experience and start digging profits from day 1.
  6. This offer is not available in the United States. As an alternative, we are offering an insight on the “World of Gold” by Agora Financials. For more information read our Strategic Intelligence Review.

United Trading Review Conclusion

It is a very rare and happy occasion that we come across a software system of this quality and safely recommend it to our subscribers.  The United Trading Software is not just a good automated trader. It is an opportunity to come across like minded people, who wish to trade together. Therefore together experience the best trading strategies.

In a binary option world which is smothered with scam. It is a refreshing change to come across a team of people for whom “Failure is not an option”

The United Trading Software is NOT SCAM!!



Thank you for taking time to read this rather long but informative review of the United Trading Network.  Questions about Social Trading and the benefits of trading in a group? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either leave a message on the dialogue box below or send us an email directly on support(at)

Finally, head over to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL . There, we will be doing live trades using the United Trading Software system and testing out the profitability ratios for endorsement.





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