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Velev Trade – Is Worth Your Time?

Velev Trade – Is Worth Your Time?


Velev Trade is a social trading group led and founded by Ventsislav Velev. The scope of the group is to educate new traders in how best to earn money trading online without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Velev Trade – Social Trading Group for New Traders

There is no question that there is a lot of interest in the common man in the street about trading. Many would like to earn money online by trading forex or binary options. Few actually succeed. The primary reason for the loss of capital is inadequate knowledge.

Therefore, there is no question that getting an education and guidance is the key factor for making better trading decisions.

The Binary Option Sheriff has always endorsed social trading – only if it is with credible and legitimate traders.

For any new trader who hopes to start trading profitably, but does not have the knowledge, social trading is the only solution.

However, before picking any social trading group, one must be sure that the group in question will deliver that what it promises.

So our question today is whether Velev Trade is a scam or legit. Visit Website on

Velev Trade – Scam or Legit

There is no question in our mind that Velev Trade is a legitimate social trading network. To kick-off, Velev Trade is headed by Ventsislav Velev. Velev himself has been trading currencies for the past 10 years with a good trend of success.

Velev is best known for his excellent trading strategies. Being part of the group of Velev Trade is therefore considered to be an opportunity to making money online.

The fact that we know the person who is heading the trading team, makes the group above board. We are not dealing with anonymous corporations who hide behind fancy names but cannot ever be pin-pointed in cyber space. With Velev Trade we are dealing with professional traders who are guiding novice traders and educating them as they go along.

Velev Trade a Growing Community of Satisfied Traders

There is no question that being part of the Velev Trade Social Trading group has many advantages. The members of the group are a community of traders who are sharing the same objective. Learning how to trade binary options or forex, and earning money online by following the signals given at interim in the group.

Getting reliable signals that new traders can follow is the most important advantage of being part of this community.

However, that is not all. The community is made up of like-minded people, whose main interest is to learn. The traders are allowed to post their results and discuss trading strategies during the live sessions. Therefore, this is not a question of the blind leading the blind. In fact, this is a live community of traders growing their wealth together.

Velev Trade – Trading Results and Trading History

The Trading results on the Velev Trade History Results Page documents the weekly performance results.

With an average win rate of 80%, there is no question that this trading group is one of the best achieving social trading groups to be found in trading communities.

What is more the website related to the trading group which is is rich with signals and educational information that is free to all members.


What To Expect When Joining Velev Trade

#1 Free Live Signal Suggestions

New traders do not need to worry too much about nowt understand charting. Reliable signals, the results of which are fully documented are transmitted to the group. As soon as a trend forms that is clear enough for a trade to be executed, a trade alert is published to the group.

When a signal is transmitted the information is clear and concise. This includes Asset to be traded, Direction, Strike Rate and Expiry. Trades suggestions are published throughout the day. Therefore, whichever country you may come from, you will find that your time zone is covered by signals.

#2 Free Education

Experienced and professional traders on the Velev Trade Group are explaining “in real time” how and why a trade set-up has been made. This is an ongoing educational process for new traders, who will benefit from the “know-how” of experienced and professional traders.

#3 Free trading Webinars

For anyone who likes to have direct contact with the Expert Traders, there is nothing better than sitting in on one of the Velev Trade Live Trading Webinars.

During Live Webinars the traders explain how a trade set up is made. They search the market for opportunities, explain charting, and execute trades in real time.


#4 Free Automated Signals Indicators and Expert Advisors

EA’s or Expert Advisors are automated trading robots. If you hook up with the wrong one, you are doomed before you have started!

The Velev Trading group tests out Expert Advisors and signal software systems BEFORE recommending them to their traders. A full report is given to explain the benefits or pitfalls of automated traders.

#5 The best is yet to come!

The Velev Trade community can join for FREE. For the time being an introductory offer has been made to potential traders to join the community for free.

At some point in time in the near future, joining the group will come against a monthly subscription fee.

How to Join the Velev Trade – Social Trading Group

Joining is very simple. All you need to do is to drop an email on and the registration process will be sent to you by email.

Velev Trade – Conclusion

If you are looking at interacting with fellow traders, and learn how to trade and earn money trading, there is no doubt that Velev Trade is a good trading environment.

Making money trading Forex or Binary Options can be very rewarding and for those who take it seriously, it could also become a full-time career.

However, trading exposes you to potential capital loss. It can be a risky business especially if you are not prepared to learn to trade professionally.

Best of all the results speak for themselves.

Being part of a live trading group is a good start to your trading career. You should also consider a quick start to your trading knowledge by getting “The Secret Trader”.

The Secret Trader Online Course

The Secret Trader is a digital E-Book and online course that has been written and visualized by professional traders with Newbies in Mind.

In this trading course, you are literally taken by the hand as a toddler trader and groomed into professional trading. The way in which the online course has been designed has taken into consideration the fact that heavy trading jargon, has been swept away.

What to Expect in The Secret Trader

The Secret Trader ebook

The Secret Trader – Trading E-Book

The Secret Trader is an ebook dedicated to teach you the basics in trading binary options and forex. Starting from the basic steps for beginners, the Secret Trader will walk you through higher levels of education with unbelievable tips and tricks which make trading as easy as ABC. This eBook explains the difference between  Binary Options and Forex trading. It is all about an how to get started and grooms you to successful trading. It also contains a wealth of information on market indicators including advance/decline indicators, short sale statistics, and sentimental analyses. The e-book is visualised with real live trading set-ups which practically convert text book reading to real life profits.

The Secret Trader has been written and visualised with the intention of taking you from a Newbie to an Experienced Trader.

the secret trader

If you are interested in trading Binary Options or Forex, The Secret Trader, is written especially for you.  If you have been trading, and running into difficulties, if you have lost money trading, or you have lost direction, The Secret Trader, will show you, step-by-step the pot holes to avoid.

Stop banging your head against the wall, and going round in circles, trying to find haphazard information about trading all over the internet.

In The Secret Trader, you can expect to find the exact order in which you will take your trading journey.  The Course will take you from baby steps, and knowing nothing about trading, to the point where you take your FIRST SUCCESSFUL TRADE.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to trade in any market situation.

What is more, if you don’t like reading, The Secret Trader is jam packed with video tutorials, which take you through a visualisation of the course, plus includes live trading sessions, which explain the text book lecture, and translate it into WINNING TRADES.

When you purchase The Secret Trader, you will not only get a training course, but you will also get a life-long support from the Sheriff Team. If you ever get stuck, we are here to help you, and no question will remain unanswered.

  • Willingness to Work
  • An Open Mind

What Will You Get From The Secret Trader?

  • You will learn exactly the difference between Binary Options and Forex Trading
  • You will learn to set up your trading account, and a Free Demo Account
  • You will learn how to set up your trades and execute them SUCCESSFULLY
  • You will learn winning strategies which are easy to implement
  • You will learn the three types of analysis, Fundamental, Technical and Sentiment Analysis
  • You will learn to pin-point the best entry point and the time frames required for trades which will end up IN THE MONEY
  • You will get a better understanding of the market
  • You will learn Money and Risk Management 

The Secret Trader – Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in learning from beginner to advanced
  • Anyone with an interest of making money trading online
  • Anyone wanting to get a head start in this life-long successful trading journey 
     the secret trader ebook

The Secret Trader – What Content to Expect

  • What are Binary Options and How to become a day trader
  • What is the difference between Forex and Binary Options
  • Setting up your trading account
  • 3 Types of Analysis explained
  • Your first glance at charts and understanding them
  • Candlesticks explained
  • Support and Resistance levels
  • Studies which traders add to charts and get trading signals
  • Fibonacci Golden Rule
  • Trading Terminology and the Trading Day
  • The Economic Calendar
  • Trading the News
  • Money and Risk Management
  • Avoid Burn-out
  • Trading with Signal Software
  • Trading in a Social Group 

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