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Virtual Income. Watch Out! Scam Review

Virtual Income. Watch Out! Scam Review


Virtual Income Watch out for Scam

Virtual Income App Review reveals Scam. Fake Platform is exposed. Facts are listed to Virtual Income Software in the Hall of Shame. This new App will be going straight to our BlackList since there is no doubt that it is nothing but a rip-off. Read the full and impartial review for the Virtual Income System or else proceed to safety.

Virtual Income Scam Review reveals that this Software uses a Fake Platform

The scam review about Virtual Income has been prompted by the big number of complaints we have received from real traders, who have sent us screen shots of their losses from trading with this system.

It is important that you are warned before you subscribe to this scam system. We will convince you why you need to stay away from this software which will do nothing but make you loose money. First important fact to be revealed is that it is shameless to promise anyone $10,812 daily earnings but doing nothing than push a button! It only serves to insult our and your intelligence. There is no way, that any software can make you that kind of money on a humble deposit of $250. It is downright scam! Yes you are promised to work a few minutes per day with the Virtual Income System and bingo, you will be a confirmed millionaire before the year is out. Does that sound real? Of course not! It cannot be real because it is just another scam!

Virtual Income is based on false promises of absolute profits

Website under investigation:

Let us start to evaluate hard details in this scam review on Absolute Profits. First of all in Binary Options Trading, Forex Trading and Stock and Shares trading, there is nothing absolute. In any sort of trading, there are the good days and the bad days. It takes very smart individuals who have studied extensively to achieve results and these are never more than 80%. The same goes with all good software systems. Success is never higher than 75-80%.


Falsely promising absolute results is to cheat your prospective clients. It is a misleading statement, orchestrated only to attract innocent new traders, and lure them into the trap of depositing their hard earned cash. Your deposit is guaranteed never to be seen again. This, we can assure you is the ONLY GUARANTEE, that you will have with Absolute Profits. Guaranteed Absolute Losses.

Who is behind Virtual Income Scam?

Who is the developer behind Virtual Income System? Well the owner for has chosen to remain anonymous. The only reason for such bogus personalities, is because they want to hide when the truth surfaces. No name and details are divulged therefore they cannot be verified or reached. Cheaters and liars like to keep their identity hidden. Even con artists like the ones of the Triana Software feel the need to come up with a plausible story, to convince you of their software. In this case, the developers are arrogant enough not to both. If we do not even know who the person behind this scam software is, why should we trust him with our money?

The software is also known as Virtual Income Incorporated Software, or Autotrader or App. This is important since use of any of these names may confuse the public in general. Different names are only used to mislead you and rob you off your money and in a very swift fashion.

Is Virtual Income Free?

There is not such thing as a Free Meal in Life! Virtual Income software will direct you to a Binary Options Broker, which may be or may not be involved in the scam. Once the web-based software for the Virtual Income System is downloaded on your platform you will realized that there is something wrong with the performance of the software and that it will not be performing in the same manner that it claims to perform. By the time you realize that the signals and the auto trading are not going right for you, you are already scammed. If you are smart enough, you will stop using the Virtual Income Software immediately and salvage whatever you can of your capital. More often than not, by the time you realize, most of your initial deposit will have vanished.

Moreover, do not fall into the trap of wanting to recover your losses by depositing more money. It is likely that at this stage, you will have received a call from the Binary Options Broker with whom you were synched, offering you all kind of advice and making new offers independent of the software. Do not fall into this trap before you are satisfied that the Broker is a Regulated one for your geographical area.

So back to the original question – is Virtual Income Free? Well if the cost of losing your capital is important to you, that is the cost of the software, and that will be the amount you will be scammed at the very least!

The Virtual Income Hall of Shame

We have to admit that the sales page is full of all kind of technological wizardry better known as widgets in the software jargon. The developers have made extreme effort in mastering technology and have created charts and make-believe calculators which can be convincing to the untrained eye. These are highly deceptive tactics that attract innocent traders because they look so credible.

The Logos sported are all fake and non-clickable. This has become standard practice for scam sites now, and it is a definite red flag which we have quite become accustomed to. Non of these anchor sites would ever bother with the likes of Virtual Income, so it is all a false pretense.

More Updates and Complaints about the Virtual Income Signals

The ghost developers for the Virtual Income scam software claim that they want to go public as soon as they possibly can. They say, that they will be offering their IPO live in the near future. Now tell us, which Company that is vying for a public flotation of its shares, is registered just two months ago? A quick search on on the shows that the site was registered on the 23rd January 2016 and updated on the 13th March, so it is only really active since 15 days. Companies, which are hoping to go for Initial Public Offer for their first sale of stock, need to have an audit trail and will have to be verified for a number of years before they can become public. Virtual Income Registered two months ago, and updated recently, with no history other than that of complaints for fraud will not qualify for an IPOVirtual Income

Can a Subscriber the Trust Virtual Income App?

There is nothing that can instill credibility and suggest trust about this software. Virtual Income review shows also that the sales page for the software has the usual dose of paid actors who fake it and make their landing page happen. Since we review many scam systems, these faces have become as familiar to us as family members. They are more like funeral pall bearers, since they all bury us with their lies. Fabricated screenshots of performance, do not hold any water, especially since we know that this site was only created a few weeks ago for the purpose of selling this scam App. If you are looking for verification scanning other bloggers, you will see the very same message, other than the odd site, who decides to promote this scam without undeniable proof.


Conclusion and verdict about the Virtual Income app

Binary Option Sheriff is categorical in stating that the Virtual Income Software is Scam and that it should not be trusted.

We have recently exposed a whole list of similar scams, and if you have not already come across them, it is world having a look at our BlackList Page. This includes scams such as the Amissio Formula, Triana Soft, Trade X Confidential and plenty of others. Let us work hard at keeping Binary Options Trading Safe.

This is what The Binary Advisory had to say about Virtual Income which further confirms our verdict:

Vitual Income is pure scam! Do yourself a favor and just skip this one altogether. We are hoping that enough people read and share our review so that together we can help save others from losing their money to scams like this.

Binary Options Opportunity did not mince their words in their deduction on Virtual Income: 

Summing Up Our Virtual Income Review

Generally speaking, when auto trader services offer to make you thousands of dollars in very short spaces of time, usually a day or two, this is when you have to stop and think. Scam services tend to offer big rewards that are not possible in the hope of people buying into them, just like Virtual Income has done. We were unable to verify anything about this software, even the fact that they said their trades were independently verified. Not only did they not provide by who it was verified, we were unable to find such reports.

New to binary options?

If you re new to Binary Options Trading, we recommend that you open a new account with a Trusted Broker that is on our Recommend list. You can even open a Demo Account with a good broker to practice trading. Join a social trading group and learn trading. Email us through our subscription form for a free introduction.

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