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Wall Street Trading Software – Clever SCAM Review

Wall Street Trading Software – Clever SCAM Review


Wall Street Trading Software is a clever scam which will help you lose your capital very fast. The Binary Option Sheriff scam review will be busting the developers of this software. Binary Options ought to be a safe place for traders to make money online. Read this full review for details of why the Wall Street Trading Software is a vicious scam.

The Wall Street Trading Software – Scam Review

Website under investigation for scam

We are introduced to the Wall Street Trading Software scam by a well exposed actor from the Fiverr site. Although we are familiar with actors presenting software systems, we cannot condone actors who lend their services over and over to sell scam reviews. At just $5 for $50 words this shameless actor wears a suit and sells you lies. Please note that this is a scam warning review. Your capital is not safe with the Wall Street Trading Software.

The spokesperson (the actor) for the Wall Street Trading Software, never reveals his full name. Therefore, this automatically excludes the possibility of verifying the credentials for this scam.

We are told that this software is absolutely phenomenal and it is an innovative robot which will place trades remotely on your account. The Wall Street Trading Software is also a signal software, which generates high quality signals on which a trader can execute manual trades.The Wall Street Trading Software scam review - fiverr actor exposed

Does the Wall Street Trading Software really generate $100 per hour on Auto Trading Mode?

The spokesperson for Wall Street Trading Software claims that this software is a Bot which scans all the financial assets in real time and places high quality trades. The win rate is allegedly of to 75% in the money success rate.

Our observation is that whoever wrote the script for this software is a smart and smooth operator. We have exposed so many software systems which claim to make you a millionaire overnight, or that have a 100% success rate, that this dude has taken the clever route, and engineered a system with a lower success rate and with credible profits. All this is meant to gain the confidence of innocent traders and get them to subscribe.

In this scam review, we will give you concrete evidence with the Wall Street Trading Software should be avoided. Do not trust the Wall Street Trading Software!

Is the Wall Street Trading Software Scam? Review details

The algorithm pertaining to the Wall Street Trading Scam Software is supposed to be based on the science of market trends. The software scan markets, notes trends and price shifts and signals the price movements, therefore triggering a trading signal.

So you may be asking, why is the Binary Option Sheriff blacklisting this new viral software?

For starters, we have already exposed that the “spokesperson” is nothing but an actor who has featured in plenty of other scam software systems. Case in point has been revealed by the BinaryOptionsGorilla  in their take of the Cash Improve Scam Review. Here we see the same actor, telling us the same lies over and over again!

Secondly as we always do in our standard scam reviews, we have a quick look on Who.Is to see when the domain for this particular asset was created! The site was registered on the 26th July 2016. This makes it a month old from the date of writing this scam review. Would you trust a site that has not historical legitimacy? Would you trust your money to I do not think so! If the software was really as great as the claims that these perpetrators are making, then we would have evidence and testimony of real online traders. As it is, there is little or no information that endorses the Wall Street Trading Software and lends any legitimate angle to it.

In our investigation review we have also searched to see what is the opinion of other traders and bloggers. This is what The Binary Options Spot reveal in this scam review about the Wall Street Trading Software.

“The software is a classical, ugly and cheap money stealing scheme! It comprises a sales page that will just mislead its visitors and over-promises information.”

The Binary Umpire says: 

There really isn’t much factual data to really support this WallStreet application as a viable investment opportunity. What evidences we found were supportive, portrayed and represented only by the actor.

We have to agree with this verdict because we are sure that the scope of this software is just to target new traders with no real experience, to register with this software and fall prey to scam brokers who are synched with this deceitful software.

Finally we are promised 24/7  customer support.  Try hard as we may we could not find a support line, or an email address on which to contact support.  So we tried our avenue by sending an email to  This has been more than 48 hours ago, and so far we have no communication from them.  If this is their idea of 24/7 support, we challenge their honesty and legitimacy also on this basis.

The Wall Street Trading Software Scam support and email address. Fake customer support

Conclusion and Verdict by the Binary Option Sheriff

The Wall Street Trading Software presented by the bogus and unverified “spokesperson” as a “set and forget” software is indeed a dangerous scam. Experienced traders will immediately understand that they need to steer clear of such scam. However, new traders need to take this review seriously and not lose their capital to the Wall Street Trading Software. If you are considering downloading the Wall Street Trading Software, think again. The minute that you surrender your email address, you will be inundated with calls from scam brokers will be hounding you to increase your capital deposit.

The Wall Street Trading Software is Verified Scam.

Thank you for taking time to read our scam review. If you have visited this page in the hope of making money online trading options using this scam software, we are very sorry to disappoint you.

Sadly scam reviews are cheap by the dozen, and there are plenty of other scams that you need to avoid. Falling in the trap of scam is a very painful exercise from which you will learn nothing. Other scams that you should be watching out for are the Lucrosa Scam Software

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