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WikiTrader Update – Trading Results

WikiTrader Update – Trading Results


*** WikiTrader latest update: it’s confirmed by many in the industry that Wiki Trader is one of the most profitable software released this year, it’s the leader of high ITM signals due to it’s advanced algorithm that analyses market situation online.***

WikiTrader Update from last review. Wiki Trader has been tested on auto trading mode last Friday with satisfactory results. WikiTrader offers new traders an excellent system by which they can secure winning trades. Although we were skeptical in our original WikiTrader review earlier this week, we are now agreeing with the trading world, that WikiTrader has a good reputation. For this reason as well as our positive results, we now Highly Recommend WikiTrader. Read our full update and find out more!

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WikiTrader Update Review – Positive Trading Results

If you are looking for a reliable income and searching for financial success, the WikiTrader offers many advantages. WikiTrader has gained an excellent reputation in just a few days since it has been launched on the binary options trading market.

Note, that we are not claiming that you are going to become a millionaire overnight. Only scam systems will offer you such promises, which they never follow through with. However, if you are looking at a modest return on an affordable start up capital of $250, WikiTrader is a natural choice.

WikiTrader, is probably the one and only system which is still offering the auto-trading button to traders, and still remain legitimate. In this WikiTrader review, we are going to go through the mechanics of the platform, how to use it to your best advantage, and yet remain in control of your account.

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WikiTrader Update – WikiTrader is Not A SCAM

As we mentioned earlier, we were slow to make an outright recommendation for this software. We value and guard the interests of our traders too much to just dive in, and declare a software to be legitimate. Hence, in this WikiTrader update, we feel confident of our decision, because we have subscribed to the software, used it, and gained from it.

We invite you to have a look at this brief WikiTrader update and results video, where you can see the results from our first day trading with this App.

For the Binary Option Sheriff, it is not enough that many other sites support and declare that a software is going viral and it is legitimate. We need to test the software by our team of experts, before we can truly recommend it.

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New Trader? WikiTrader Update Walks you Through

The interface which you can easily navigate is explained in detail in this WikiTrader update.

The image below is the interface which you can expect to see, once you subscribe to your app, and make your initial deposit of $250. Here is a list of features:

  • AutoTrading Mode Button – Select whether you want to run your Wiki Trade App in autotrading mode or manual mode. Naturally, if you are a new trader, the AutoTrading Mode is more recommendable. The advantages of using the software for its signals, is that an experienced trader can take multiple trades. Whereas with auto-trading, you are relying on the frequency of the robot taking your trades.
  • Value of Investment per trade. We cannot re-iterate enough, how important it is, to do money management. If you are starting with a capital of $250, then you are advised to take small trades of $25. Remember the software is not a “no risk” software, and if you take large amounts, and lose one trade, you can easily wipe out your account. The WikiTrader is giving you the possibility of proper fund management.
  • Number of Trades to be executed by AutoTrader. Select as many trades as you wish the robot to take at any one time. This depends on your risk appetite. However, as above, the recommendation to be conservative and take single trades over multiple trades applies, if you have a small starting balance. Be discreet with your capital.
  • Type of Asset to be Traded. You may select which kind of asset you would like the robot to take trades in. This is a new and bonus feature, which I have never seen in other systems. If you are following a particular asset, like commodities for example, you will have more control and understanding of the type of trades which are being executed by the robot.

As you can clearly see from this WikiTrader review, if you look at your interface at a glance, you an see your won positions without needed to check in your history.

At any point, you can see whether you have any open trades, and check on the history of past trades and record the wins and losses.

WikiTrader update interface and platform navigation

WikiTrader Update Certifies – WikiTrader is NO Scam

All the reviews which we have seen so far, have all endorsed WikiTrader. The Binary Option Sheriff assumes that every new software is scam, and we are a team of very skeptical people when reviewing scam. The reason being, that we do not wish our subscribers to fall victims of devious developers. However, it is also our duty, that when we come across a software that yields results and can contribute to financial freedom, that we recommend it to the public in general.

From our trading experience, which we shall continue to update, and from the general opinion, there is enough evidence to suggest that WikiTrader is 100% legit.

How to Join. WikiTrader Update Explains

wiki-trader-join-nowIf you are looking at excellent daily earnings potential, then WikiTrader App is a good solution. You do not have to go through lengthy registrations processes. The registration for WikiTrader is as simple as the interface and the software it embraces. All you will need to do is to join the site and register for membership. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Clear your Cache Browser for a better browsing experience
  • Watch the introductory video HERE
  • Enter your best email address. Remember that this will be your login – so make sure that you enter a valid email address.
  • You will be taken to the registration page, where you will be asked to enter your name and address. Again we caution you to ensure to put it your correct details, as you will need to verify these later on with the broker. This is for your protection and to avoid money laundering.
  • You will be assigned the best broker in your area. We got TradExtra with whom we were very pleased to work.
  • Fund your account with $250 minimum and verify your account.
  • And that’s it, you are SET to go. Choose either Auto-Trading, and start off your winning experience.

You should note that Wiki Trader uses layered security. Therefore all transactions and payments are all strictly recorded. When you wish to make a withdrawal, you must be aware, that you will be paid within 3 days of application, to the same account from which you will have paid in your deposit.

WikiTrader Update – Final Thoughts By Sheriff

The results which we have achieved in just a few hours of trading are the living proof that WikiTrader is not Scam. You must be aware, that if you plan to come on board with WikiTrader, you can expect to make a decent income, but you will not become rich overnight. The system is respectable and straightforward, and you can expect to get exactly a sensible return on your investment. However, it is easy to navigate and reliable.

Check out the software as recommended by the WikiTrader Update.

Wiki Trader – With Auto Trader Function – Legit Software


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  1. Hi guys! i do appreciate your reviews and i value your this new software still running with the autotrade options because i understand that recently the autotrade option has become forbbiden…

  2. Hi Sheriff,i was following NEO2 for a few months now, will you recommend it as i live in South Africa,and lost money with auto trader before.
    now you are recommending Wicky trader ,but it is still in the Beta phase.. i just need a steady income ,and don’t want to get rich quickly..
    please advice,.


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