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Your Legacy Club Review – Perfect Match or Perfect Catch?

Your Legacy Club Review – Perfect Match or Perfect Catch?


Your Legacy Club. Clever Profits Guaranteed, is a binary options software guaranteed to make you thousands. review by Bill O’Doherty will reveal who gets to foot the Bill.

Under the Spotlight YourLegacy.Club

In our Your Legacy Club review today, we will be investigating brand new binary options signal software called Your Legacy Club by self-professed millionaire Bill O’Doherty. The ten minute or so of sales pitch, is brief, glamorous and very convincing. So why aren’t we buying into this so called “partnership agreement” being generously offered by philanthropic millionaire?

Is Your Legacy Club App a Scam? Find out in Review of Your Legacy Club

This is the million dollar question. It is the reason for which we will be proving salient points that throw a light on the verification review. Can we prove by evidence that The Legacy Club system is not scam beyond reasonable doubt?

Scam Review on the Legacy.Club System Software.

In our unbiased review, we shall be raising points that throw a very tainted light on the otherwise impeccable sales pitch for The Legacy Club system.

  1. Who is Bill O’Doherty? Admittedly, we could not find evidence that Bill O’Doherty is some paid actor hired to do an excellent acting delivery as we have in this sales pitch. On the other hand, we are living in an era, where evidence and assessment is available at the push of a button. The first interrogative question we make, is “If Bill O’Doherty is who he purports to be, then how is it that we cannot find any information whatsoever about him on the Internet?” Is Billy Boy a Fake afterall??
  2. The News releases associated the Your Legacy Club such as Sky News, Financial Times, CNN Money, and Bloomberg Business draw zero matches. There are no articles, reviews or press releases associated with signal software. It has now become quite common for scam sites to quote endorsements which are convincing and yet not real.

    Your Legacy Club Review
    Search on Your Legacy Club News Releases draws a blank
  3. Our Duracell Battery operated Millionaire (by his own admission) is not giving a free software. He claims to make Match for Match for your investment. A very clever tactic to draw in day traders into a financial trap. Quote “I want to invest with you legally. I will match your capital via the Broker System” For whoever has been in the options trading industry, this is very easy to understand. It means that the Binary Options Broker you will be diverted to, will give you a welcome bonus, which matches your initial deposit. There is nothing illegal about this bonus system, except, that Bill O’Doherty fails to point out, that when a trader accepts a bonus, he is LEGALLY OBLIGING HIMSELF to trade his capital + bonus twenty times over!! So if you deposit $250 and the broker (not Hilly Billy!) matches your deposit with another $250, you will have to trade $10,000 before you can withdraw your original capital of $250!! Perfect Match or Perfect Catch?

    Your Legacy Club
    So tell us Billy Boy.. You admit that you are not a philanthropist… so who have you helped???
  4. The leveraging being referred to by Your Legacy.Club bigshot millionaire, and the claim for requiring trust, are nothing but big words meant to impress Newbies and innocent people who are trying to make some money online. The trust factor is only required on one end, and that is YOUR END. Seriously, are we supposed to believe, that anyone profiting from this signal software, from a humble deposit of $250, to return the original matched deposit after laboring on signals and hopefully reaching the $10,000 mark? Seriously, who in his right senses would return the original deposit back to scumbag millionaire? Again note, that you cannot touch your capital and profits until you reach $10,000 or hope to anyway.
  5. We have absolutely no information on how the system is supposed to operate. Other than requesting, tokens of trust and partnership agreements, the developer of the Your Legacy Club, offers no contribution to enlighten us on how the software is supposed to work. Do we have any insight as to whether Your Legacy App is a signal software? Is it an autotrader? Is it a trading robot? Does anyone have any idea? We have no clue! Mr Doherty is doing a JC on us, and asking us to simply put our faith on HIM!


Conclusion and Verdict on Your Legacy Club

Since we cannot prove beyond any reasonable doubt that is scam, and cannot lynch it totally, we prefer to abstain on our verdict. We have however, highlighted enough salient facts to put the talented old actor (we feel we owe him that much respect) in the chair where he belongs.

Put your money in hands that feed you! Do not trust expensive productions unless other real time traders confirm that they have seen a red cent on the Legacy Club system.

We hope that this review, has shed some light on how to examine scam. Making money online is no mean feat. It requires skill and dexterity. It also requires doing your due diligence and not trusting blindly. Yes, we confirm that there are a few software systems which can greatly assist trading and minimizing losses, but they are rare and in between.

If you wish to try other binary options signal software systems which have been in the industry for a while and which are proving to have success, then we recommend that you read our review on the Tauribot SystemTauribot system

If new to trading, we recommend that you open a Demo Account, and trade paper money until you are confident of your results. Never risk funds that you are not prepared to lose.



  1. what about this recommended tauribot? is anyone using it?
    thanks for this article revealing another great scam! i mean…what’s wrong with these people!!!

  2. Very well done. It is nice to see that you dig into these types of groups and things like this. This type of post is a very valuable asset to myself and others! Good work!


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