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Zero Loss Formula Scam Review

Zero Loss Formula Scam Review


Zero Loss Formula aka ZLF aka Zero Loss Holdings by Peter Morgan is not safe for your capital. Our investigative review will reveal that this new binary options software which is going viral is just a new auto trader scam. The results below will give you conclusive evidence that Zero Loss looks legit but is in fact a risk for your capital. We encourage real live traders to leave their comments below on their experience with the Zero Loss Formula software. This will warn other traders not to fall into this trap of scam.

Zero Loss Formula by Peter Morgan is Scam

Website under investigation for Scam

Who is Peter Morgan of the ZLF Scam Software?

Peter Morgan is the fake creator of the Zero Loss Formula software. It is just a fraudulent name made up for this deceptive scam. Peter Morgan does not exist. The person you see in the video presentation is an actor who has a trained voice which can hypnotize you into subscribing for this software without thinking twice.

The huge show of wealth, including the rented plane and fake offices only contribute to make us more suspicious that ZLF software is scam. Peter Morgan issues a whole real of lies and wraps us up in a cocoon of deceit.

The problem here is that the Zero Loss Formula is spreading like a house on fire. Many innocent traders are taken in by the extreme show of wealth. In reality, the video presentation is very expensive, and this has been financed by the scam brokers who are using this as a ploy to get new traders into their trap.

We have tried to dig into the validity of the identity of Peter Morgan but could not find any evidence that he exists. He claims that he started his company back in 2012. However, when we checked on Who.Is we found that has only been registered a few weeks ago. It is therefore a complete lie that the Zero Loss Formula software has been generating millions for the past couple of years. This is a standard scam tactic.

How is it possible that the ZLF software has raked 96 million for Peter Morgan in the past two years? The software did not even exist two years ago. Outrageous claims. Outrageous loss formula binary scam

What is the Zero Loss Formula Software?

Well according to the bogus Peter Morgan, this is a binary options system that works using algorithms that have been invented specifically using the Zero Loss software. This software, like many scam software systems was developed by the alleged CEO Peter Morgan and his cronies whilst they were working in Wall Street. This is a very tired explanation that has become standard practice in all the scam systems that we have been reviewing. There is no valid explanation on how the software really works – we are just supposed to believe it.

Amongst other scam systems using the same standard rags to riches and Wall street formula we can include:

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Zero Loss Formula Debunked

The scam team behind the Zero Loss Formula are obviously targeting an audience of new and inexperienced traders. Any seasoned trader will know the pitfalls that are nicely dressed up and lure traders into falling in their trap. There is no system which will ever guarantee a zero loss. Zero Loss Formulas are all scam. In a society where the moving parts of any trade can go volatile due to any news announcements, we know for a fact that there is no zero loss formula. This is a false claim and it is very poorly thought out.

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binadroid2 aka Binabot join button

Zero Loss Formula is verified scam!

One of the traps which all scam brokers and scam developers fall into, is that they use fake testimonials. Fiverr is a very popular site where you can find people who will stand in front of a camera and give a fake testimonial for $5 or more. In this particular case the “actor” which has been used to give a false testimonial has been seen around other scam sites and is a popular choice on the Fiverr cash system

The Zero Loss Formula Review – Results and Verified Websites

Before we come to any conclusions, we do due diligence. For this reason we research other sites, which also review financial assets such as the Zero Loss Formula. We give evidence below from three major sites who have all arrived at the same conclusion. On no occasion have we come across real traders who have claimed to have made any real money with this ZLF Formula.

EasyTrading Signals – exposes Peter Morgan to be fake. They explain that in order to make money trading binary you need to have knowledge. The Zero Loss formula is just an effort to warp a traders perception of what real binary trading is about. The promises and statements made by the developers of the Zero Loss Formula hold no substance.

The Binary Advisory is an eye opener and describes the shocking statement made by the scam developers of Zero Loss Formula when saying that you can trade 24/7. This is a show that the person behind the software is uneducated and that there is no such thing as 24 hours trading, 7 days a week. Trading stops Friday evening EST time and does not resume before Monday morning Asia Time. The Zero Loss Formula is verified scam.

Finally watch this video by the Binary Options Elite Club to understand who scam is orchestrated and what are the pitfalls you should avoid falling into. Watch it HERE

Sheriff’s Conclusion and Verdict

There is no doubt whatsoever that the Zero Loss Formula will only be useful to burn a hole in your pocket. What is worrying is that in a world of unregulated and scam brokers if you download Zero Loss Formula, you are risking your capital.

The fact that there are so many scam software systems being leaked into the binary options arena on a daily basis, the innocent and new trader will find it very hard to distinguish between fake and legit systems.

The Zero Loss Formula System aka ZLF is Scam.

We have reviewed many software systems, which have a tried and tested performance rate on this site. Even if you register direct with a broker, we always recommend that you clearly understand the terms and conditions. Taking a bonus for example will lock your account until you have traded the volume of your capital and bonus at least twenty times. These are sadly rules that no one has any interest in telling you about when you just start trading. So newbies are warned against taking bonuses.

We recommend that you avoid bad systems like the Zero Loss Formula. There are systems which give you a decent performance. We recommend that you read our reviews on both Scam Systems and Verified Systems before signing up for any software.

Take time to educate yourself and join our Sheriff University Team. Knowledge is power. This is a free education program which will set you in the right track for successful binary options trading. Finally, meet like-minded people by joining our social trading group on Facebook. Mirror trades from professional traders and take risk free trades by trading on a FREE DEMO ACCOUNT.

Thank you for taking time to read this scam review. If you have any questions about trading, do not hesitate to drop us an email on support(at)

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